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I grabbed my bag making sure to check that everything was in it before slipping it inside my arm and over my shoulder. Next I grabbed my coat and put it on. Once I was done, I walked out behind my desk and strode towards the elevator. As soon as I heard the ping of the elevator, I walked inside. I pressed the button for the lobby and waited for the doors to close. Just as the doors began to close a finger pressed on the elevator button halting the door's progress. Instead the doors slid open and in walked none other than Mr. Benson.

Wow, just my luck.

Instinctively, I moved back until I was standing in the corner or the elevator. I really didn't want to stand close to him. He however, pressed the closed button of the elevator then came and stood next to me. What the hell?

My heart jumped to my throat at the close proximity. Why, oh why did he have to come and stand next to me. Didn't he know I didn't like him.

Despite not willing to, I couldn't help but stare at him. I mean not directly, but from underneath my lashes, I ran my eyes over him. God, he was hot. I actually wished that he would be a good guy and not your typical womanizer, but I doubted it. Guys like him had girls throwing themselves at him all the time, and he would be stupid not to take advantage of those girls. Still a girl could dream.

"If you're done ogling me, I suggest you listen to me very carefully, " came a deep voice from my left. I jumped in surprised to see Mr. Benson looking at me with a hard expression. I blushed a very ugly shade of red, knowing that my covert glances weren't so covert after all.

I tried my best not to appear to flustered and composed myself. I would not let him intimidate me.

"Yes sir, you were saying." I said to him, my voice slightly shaking. Damn!

"You are to be present in the building at 7:30 am sharp, from Monday to Friday. If you are late, then rest assured that the consequences would be dire. I do not like nor accept tardiness, so be very careful, " he said in a serious, business-like tone, "also do keep in mind that I require and expect excellence from my employees, if you fail to the reach my expectations then please know that you won't ever be welcome in this company." He stated.

I gulped in fear, my eyes wide with shock. 7:30 am? Excellence? Holy muffins, what was wrong with this man?

Suddenly my jaw was clenched and I looked up to see him staring down at me, his hand holding my jaw in a secure grip. Up close, I could make out blue specks that dotted his eyes, and the sharp angles of his face.

I didn't know how long we stared at each other, only the ping of the elevator had Mr. Benson snapping out of whatever trance he was in, and release my jaw. He was just about to leave the elevator when all of a sudden he turned and came very close to me. He leaned down until his lips brushed my ear and said, "7:30 am Hailey, do not be late." And with that, he turned and strode out of the elevator as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, I was left alone with my insides in a jumbled mess.

Holy muffins!


The beeping of the printer had me sighing in relief. I looked at the printer to see a white paper sliding out of it that had my resignation letter typed on it. I grabbed my resignation letter and folded it neatly before sliding it inside an envelope and sealing it shut. Satisfied that my work was done, I turned off my laptop and walked out of my room.

I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer and pulled out a tub of cookie dough ice cream, my favorite. After rummaging the kitchen drawer for a few seconds, I finally found a spoon and went over to the living room to watch my favorite Tv show, Amercian Horror Story.

After two hours there was a sound of lock turning and my gaze automatically found the door, already knowing who it would be. Just as I expec

ted, the door opened to reveal Mandi, my best friend and roommate. She walked in dressed in her usual classy self.

Amanda, or Mandi as I liked to call her had been my best friend since high school, and I always felt lucky to call her my friend. Not only was she the smartest woman I'd ever met, but she was also one of the most caring human being to walk this planet. With brown hair, honey colored eyes, and full plump lips, it was safe to say she was also a very beautiful girl.

"Hey Lee, how're you doin'? Heard you got a new boss, so tell me how he is?" Mandi started with her questions, but not before going into the kitchen and grabbing a spoon for herself and digging in my cookie dough ice cream.

So I told her everything regarding Mr. Benson, and how he was good looking yet he exuded a dangerous aura. Amanda on the other hand listened attentively, however, as soon as I told her about Mr. Benson being good looking yet dangerous, her eyes widened.

"Oh my God." She said and put a hand over her mouth.

"What, what tell me what happened?" I questioned. Amanda ignored me and begun messing around on her phone.

"Mandi, what the hell, tell me what's wrong?" I demanded.

Amanda turned the phone towards me and I saw a picture of Mr. Benson plastered on the screen.

"Is this your new boss?" Mandi enquired. I nodded, confused as to why she was asking me that question.

"Oh my God Lee, do you have any idea who this guy is?" Amanda asked flabbergasted.

"Uh... Mr. Benson?" I stated the obvious.

"This is Theodore Benson, Lee. The most notorious man in the business industry. People call him the Sniper, because when he wants to destroy a company, he does it in such a clever manner that one doesn't realize it until the company is left with nothing. He destroys without letting anyone know, or even suspect, and now you're telling me he is your new boss!" Mandi told me all this without blinking.

My heart sank at hearing what Amanda said. Theodore Benson; that's what his was. And he was known as the Sniper. Destroyed without making a sound. Holy muffins!

I must've gone pale, because Mandi started shaking me to bring me back to the present.

"Hey Lee, it's okay. You just try and stay away from him, or if you can't then try your best not to get on his bad side, that way you'll be fine." Mandi assured me while rubbing my shoulder.

I shook my head. "No it's okay, I'm going to resign. I already have my resignation letter printed out, I'll go tomorrow and hand it to him. You know how I don't like dangerous people Mandi, and if you're saying is true then Theodore is dangeorus, and I don't want any part of that, so I'm going to resign tomorrow, and he can find a new personal assistant for himself." I stated with confidence.

"Oh really, well if you're sure then I won't stop you, because I know Theodore Benson is bad news through and through, " Mandi agreed with me and got up.

"Well I had a long day, I'm going to go and crash. See you in the morning Lee." She said and left to go to her room.

I glanced at the TV before turning it off and got up and walked to my room. Tomorrow was something I was sort of dreading. But I decided I'd go in around 6:00 am and drop the resignation letter before Theodore came, that way I would get my work done and wouldn't have to face Theodore either.

Yeah, that was the perfect plan.


Author's Note

Hi guys, Here is the second chapter.

Hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you guys think about the story and characters, and don't forget to vote and comment to show your support, it would be much appreciated.

Do message me sometimes I would love to chat.

I would try to upload the next chapter soon.

This chapter is dedicated to sugar_gi

Thank you for reading.

Until next time.

Take care.


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