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   Chapter 67 No.67

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5495

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

"You twisted Anki can't separate friend from foe! We may not be programmed to allow your control any longer, but I freed you and would have led you to an army of loyal followers. You deranged fools! No wonder your own people imprisoned you in stasis."

Subahu continued his rant just long enough to allow Tataka to close the distance and lock Namtar into a choke hold from behind. The white Anki's neck writhed and her head spun about. She pecked at Tataka, and head butted, and bit, but the Nefilim would not release her grip until the white wedge shaped head went rigid on its serpentine neck, and slumped, unconscious.

Subahu wrenched his fist free of the frost and patted Tataka on the back. "Thanks again."

"You owe me twice, partner, " Tataka winked an eagle eye at him.

Officer Dershell dropped the inert body of Enkara next to Namtar. "Thanks for your help Nefilim." He said to Tataka and Subahu with a smile. "What were you two doing in the city?"

In all their haste to catch up with the Anki, Subahu had not given this moment a second of thought. "Oh, well these two…"

He didn't have to finish. At that moment Hanuman burst forth from the shuttle and screamed his fiercest battle cry. The monkey boy began practicing martial arts.

That boy slept right through the flight and a battle, then decides it's time for practice? Subahu groaned.

Everyone turned to take him in. Even the green Anki and Nabu-Officer Rogers stopped chipping themselves free of their icy trap to stare.

"Now's our chance to get out of here, " Tataka whispered into Subahu's ear. "We can't take on these four, in their colony, unprepared."

d chance those two really can unmake humanity if they can travel back to ancient Earth." Nabu- Officer Rogers took to the air on shugarra wings and flew off.

Part 10

Subahu punched a wall and swore. He and Tataka had blended with the debris from the fight well into the night. The green Anki, Pringar had taken Hanuman away hours before. She'll be easy enough to keep tabs on, she's one of the most famous people in the colony, the shapeshifter reassured himself.

"Let it go, " Tataka said. "There was no way of knowing how those two Anki would have reacted to being released."

"It's Hanuman, " Subahu sighed. "I've raised him for months now. I mean, he's no Valkimi, but I am pretty fond of the boy. If his memory improves, his kind could be the super soldiers Enzu is looking for. That project is probably more important now that Enkara and Namtar are not going to ally with us."

"Don't consider him lost. Let the humans care for the monkey boy for now. If and when he proves valuable, we'll come back for him. In the meantime, you and I have something else to occupy our time."

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