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   Chapter 66 No.66

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5847

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

Bolstered by the reunion with his oldest companion, Subahu flew the shuttle toward LARC1. Sensors detected his own shuttle's approach a little over an hour ahead of them.

Subahu told Tataka about Valkimi and Hanuman. About the twisted failures that came before, and of his fondness for the pair of beings.

"Well, never in all our years of guarding that palace did I imagine you would be good at rearing young. Sounds like you had a swell time raising goats and children. Perhaps when the Anki Empire is reestablished, we can be lovers." Tataka smiled a wide wolfish grin. "I can lead the Rakshasa security patrols and you can look after our offspring."

"Offspring? How do you expect us to procreate?" Subahu was startled by the notion. Although he would not mind the company, he had always been fond of Tataka. Perhaps part of his need to belong stemmed from missing his companion, a single constant in their changing world.

"Shala and Ishkur made one by mistake on Free Day. Their vapor forms dissipated so much that when the two cloud Nefilim reformed, there was a third being. They left it with Ninma's human consort, Dr. Zimmerman. Perhaps they were unaware of its sentience, and perhaps they simply did not care for the responsibility of parenthood."

Subahu smiled. "Well if we kill these two and make it back to my cottage in one piece, we've got two adopted kids already. It wouldn't hurt to do a bit of experimentation either I suppose."

Smoke rose from the roof of the military building at the center of the LARC1 colony. Tataka wasted no time hiding their vessel, she set down on the roof of the science center, close to the battle raging between Enkara, Namtar, and the human shugarra corps. Fire, energy bursts, and agonized

he colony, but they weren't enemies. Not directly.

Subahu's claws tore through the ice, and in seconds the Anki pulled Dershell free. Subahu withdrew and made for Tataka.

Namtar shot blast after blast of molten ice, which froze upon any surface it contacted. She connected a blast that froze the green Anki to the other shugarra clad fighter. His scream of pain confirmed that it was Nabu- Officer Rogers. The pair writhed against their frigid confines. The green Anki, Pringar, screamed a sonic wave at Namtar, who stumbled back a few paces from the strike. The banshee wail of the green Anki could temporarily deafen and confuse an opponent.

Subahu leaped forward and kicked Namtar in the middle, hitting her soundly. That banshee blast must have distracted her, thought Subahu. He cocked his fist back, ready to deliver a punch, but Namtar basted his fist with ice, fixing it to the wall behind Subahu. He felt a couple hard strikes connect as the white Anki whipped him with her powerful tail.

"These humans and traitor Anki have damaged you Nefilim. Perhaps I'll decommission your race and Enkara will start your kind from scratch!" Namtar snarled.

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