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   Chapter 65 No.65

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5842

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

"You poor limited machines, " Namtar said. "We hardly blame you or another Nefilim for formulating such a plan. It's noble that, despite your reprogramming, you seek to restore these worlds to their proper and rightful rulers. We could hardly expect the likes of Nefilim to devise a suitable plan without an Anki to supervise."

Subahu began to feel a strange intuition, similar to when the mark pulls a gun instead of cash from a hidey hole. He readied his posture for trouble. Could he make a stand against an Anki? After Free Day he could, but what about everything he worked toward?

The moment's hesitation after tensing his muscles must have given Namtar warning. She opened her serpentine mouth, and a frigid blast burst from between her dart-like teeth. Subahu felt the shock of the blast, and then lost sensation below his neck. He tucked his chin down to see that frost plastered him to the wall.

"Stay here automaton, " Enkara hissed. "After we've set the humans in their place and dismantled Enzu for his crimes against sacred Haran, I may come back and try to fix your programming. I have a feeling that good help is going to be hard to find now."

Subahu struggled against his ice bonds as he heard the engines of the shuttle roar and then fade. "Hanuman!" he cried. Hopefully the boy has sense enough to keep out of trouble. Those two won't be happy to learn what we've been up to with their gemstones.

Part 7

Subahu railed against his ice prison, but his limbs were held fast by the ice and frost. He shuttered as cold seeped into his body, leaching away strength and heat. It was no wonder those two were sentenced to stasis by their own kind. Not exactly the get along type.

As he pressed against the frozen bonds, fl

full sized eagle headed form. He flexed wings and retracted them, anticipating a fight in the sky. As the shuttle set down, Subahu realized it was not his craft.

A wolf's face smiled broadly, tongue lolled out to one side. "Subahu, it's been a long time."

"Tataka? Marduk took you to Beltyre. I tried reaching you a couple times, but first they wouldn't allow visits, then you were gone with no record of a current address."

"Aww. I missed you too, beakface." Tataka embraced her former sentinel partner. "When I left their head doctor facility, Enzu found me and others like me. I've been stationed in Beltyre, recruiting Rakshasa among the Anunnaki in the mountain city. I thought better than mixing you up in it, since you seemed to accept free will readily."

"That changed." Subahu told of his own recent past and concluded with Enkara and Namtar's escape. "Do you feel up to killing a couple of unworthy masters?"

"That's why I'm here. Enzu knew about their mental instability, that is why only a single Rakshasa was sent. Now it's up to us to neutralize them before they reveal our organization to LARC, or become a threat in their own right."

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