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   Chapter 64 No.64

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5479

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

When Subahu set the shuttle to autopilot over the ocean, he checked on little Han. The makeshift punching bag had been knocked off its peg. Han looked to have fallen asleep while straddled atop it and mid punch. One little fist was buried in while he sucked the opposite thumb. I understand the affection toward Valkimi, but why does the sight of little Han sleeping make me feel the same way? The boy runs me ragged. But he looks so peaceful when he sleeps…

Subahu picked up the little warrior and nestled him into a bunk, first covering him in a blanket, then a loose mesh strap that served as a seat belt to sleeping passengers. The boy sleeps like a rock. Hopefully the little guy sleeps right through until morning when we get back.

Subahu's coordinates came into range and the shapeshifter activated the flood light to get a visual check on the area. The installation looked like a strangely boxy hill. The jungle overran the entire area and reclaimed the exterior surface of the building in the process. There was no clearing, but part of the area seemed to consist only of brush so Subahu gently set the shuttle down. It took an unnerving minute for the weight of the craft to finish settling.

Lantern in one hand, machete in the other, Subahu cleared a path around the overgrown facility until he found an entrance. The door was engraved with, "Here rests Enkara and Namtar in stasis indefinitely, for treason against the Anki Empire."

What did these two do to have their own people turn on them? Why should we trust them to lead new Anki? Subahu shook his head, as if the gesture would dismiss doubt. Enzu must feel that t

tion from the tablet of destiny. Finally, he described Enzu's ingenious efforts to rekindle the Anki Empire with new members of the species, and of Enzu's hope for their assistance.

The pair of Anki picked at his rations and sipped canteen water while listening to his summary of events. When he had finished speaking, Subahu leaned back against the wall and looked at the pair, attempting to read their expressions.

After a long silence, Enkara cleared his throat. "After an extended absence, the talking primates of Earth built their own colonial starship and came here? Home to the very world their gods and founders of their society occupied? Then they alter the program of our automatons? Now, a couple of the more clever automatons use the primates to wage war on our primitive ancestors on sacred Haran? And Enzu and Ningal would like to give us a position as mentors?"

"I suppose so, from your point of view, " Subahu replied. He had not anticipated these two feeling resentment toward Enzu's plan. "We work to revive the Anki Empire. Doesn't that align with your ambitions?"

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