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   Chapter 63 No.63

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5867

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

"Perhaps. Do you think Han will ever learn to focus as you have?" Subahu rummaged through his pantry while they spoke.

Valmiki placed a paw on a stack of parenting books. "Every child is different, " she quoted. "Some children focus on developing motor skills while others develop communication skills."

Subahu smiled at the kitten. How would I deal with Hanuman if my little Valmiki weren't around to remind me of patience?

The shapeshifter laid out the lunchtime meal while Valmiki flew up to the barn roof to coax Hanuman to come in for a meal.

Subahu frowned at the little green boy as he took a seat, but the innocent smile he got in return melted the remainder of his frustration. Hanuman can't control what he is any more than I can control what I am.

Watching Hanuman eat lifted Subahu's spirits. In only a few short months, Hanuman had grown from his juvenile height of around eighteen inches to nearly four feet tall. Despite his toddler mental capacity, the boy had outgrown adults of his species. Subahu did not have to wonder how. Hanuman ate as much as a grown Nefilim, and still eyed Valmiki's and Subahu's portions greedily! His belly puffed out and felt rock solid for an hour after each massive meal.

Subahu pushed his half eaten food toward the boy. He imagined leading an army of brilliant Anzu birds into battle and when things looked grim, calling forth the towering monkey giant his little eater might grow into. If Han's growth rate persisted, Subahu would need a larger cabin in a couple years.

The communication alert on Subahu's slate chimed. Valmiki pounced on it like it were a mouse.

"Uncle Enzu!" she shrilled. The Anzu kitten nodded and purred. "Yes, I've been a good kitten. Subahu is teaching me to rea

at sun down.

The Anzu bird kitten lifted her head from the floor, she had been napping in the sunlight. "Okay Subahu. Are you sure Han won't punch any holes in the shuttle?"

"I have an easier time getting shuttles repaired than explaining to the carpenter why all my tables and chairs have been destroyed." He stroked Valkimi's belly. "I've been sent on a very important mission. Please have the cottage tidy when I return, I'm going to have two Anki for company."

Valkimi purred approval and padded Subahu's forearm with paws that looked a bit more like hands with each day that passed. He knew she was following instinct and marking him with her scent glands. This is what was really missing- a family, he mused.

The shuttle was not spacious. It was hardly larger than a two room cottage. From the cockpit Subahu heard the rapid breathing and thuds of Han striking the canvas duffle stuffed with rags that hung in the cargo hold. Perhaps he'll become the super soldier Enzu dreams of. Hanuman might be the brute force and Valkimi might be the unstoppable strategist. Subahu heard Hanuman lay into his canvas opponent all afternoon and well into the night.

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