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   Chapter 62 No.62

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5938

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

Landing in the goat filled barnyard, he shuddered at the sight of the unmarked graves. Subahu dismissed his fear for the pair he held and forced a sense of optimism. Life here, however brief, was certainly longer than the Anzu kitten would have had. The little monkey seemed unable to fend for himself also, Subahu assured himself.

The little monkey eyed Subahu warily as the shapeshifter approached it with a gem on a leather collar. "Easy there little guy, this is part of the arrangement." He extended the collar slowly to the primate, who screeched and clutched the leash at the last second. Subahu jerked his empty hands back in surprise.

The little primate climbed the rafters and clutched the leash in both hands, staring at the gemstone. Then in a sudden bob of the head, he bit into the leather, tearing a chunk free and chewing greedily.

Subahu gasped. The gemstone was attached to the portion that was in the monkey's mouth! Subahu scrambled up the rafters after the little primate and clutched the monkey to his chest as he dropped down to the floor. Careful not to hurt the little green animal, he pried a finger in its mouth and peered inside. Empty. The Liberty monkey had eaten its gemstone.

Subahu waited for the gemstone to pass. The Liberty monkey and the Anzu bird did not sicken as the other animals had. Subahu's timidity forgotten, he named the Anzu kitten Valmiki and the little monkey Hanuman.

"Where's that gemstone Han?" Subahu asked, washing his hands after another day sifting through droppings.

"I don't know, " Han replied. He gazed at Subahu with glowing orange-pink eyes and smiled.

Subahu gasped. Something changed the monkey's eyes, has that gemstone become a part of him? "What?" Was all he managed to reply. Subahu was stun

limbing goat. At times his mind was sentient, he could speak, use tools, and even do a bit of problem solving. Then the slightest distraction would turn the marvel back to a monkey.

Enzu and Ningal were optimistic about the boy's progress. They insisted that Han's age was that of a human toddler, and his attention span matched. Valmiki's stunning progress may be attributed to the fact that Anzu birds are born with all the instinct they need to survive, so she reached mental maturity very early in comparison.

Subahu always maintained the eagle headed humanoid form around the children. Han seemed familiar with Subahu during interactions, but never like he recognized the shapeshifter. Subahu likened Han's awareness of others to the human condition called Alzheimer's disease.

"You know Valmiki, your monkey brother is easily distracted, " Subahu confided. "I'm glad you turned out brighter, I've always shared a kinship with your species."

"You think my face is pretty because it matches yours!" Valmiki's tail whipped about, a sign she was in the mood for teasing. "If you looked like a monkey, I would have to fix lunch alone while you climbed the barn with Han."

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