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   Chapter 61 No.61

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6033

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

Subahu sighed in relief, "I'm glad it won't be to make Anki. I don't envy your task there on Haran. It seems like you are running a high school." He held the pouch open and peered in. "What do I do with these?"

"While we've got plenty of Anki now, I've received stories of a human scientist developing shapeshifting abilities after prolonged exposure to a gemstone. I'd like to see what happens to various other species. You will dedicate all your time and resources to capturing the young of Nibiru's animal species and exposing them to the Anki gemstones."

"What could happen to them? Has Ninma ever studied such thing? What do you hope to achieve?" The questions flooded Subahu's mind and slipped out his mouth. He was intrigued to say the least.

"If any creatures survive the change, they may exhibit unique abilities that could benefit our cause. Developing a new weapon and a new adversary could mark a tipping point once we decide to act out against the humans. Through our progress here we have uncovered two previously unknown variations in Anki. Green, Black, and Red Anki have been around since the original Anki Empire threatened Pneuma life on Haran before the dawn of humanity. Now youths in our care are turning purple and yellow. They display unique abilities and potential."

"Perhaps if modern Anki show variety, then other creatures, enhanced by the gemstones, would develop power that could be beneficial to the cause, " Subahu concluded. "I'll gather every life form that might make a suitable warrior."

"Excellent. We look forward to your progress report." The slate's screen blipped out of communication mode.

Subahu took the afternoon to list out every species on Haran that offered warrior potential. Would a gemstone infused-being have the power to control me like an

nst Subahu while the shapeshifter affixed a leather collar with an Anki gemstone to its neck.

A noise in the canopy overhead caught his attention. "Howdy, " a small voice offered in greeting.

Cupping the Anzu kitten in one arm, Subahu shapeshifted into his winged humanoid form, wary of the intrusion. "Who is out so deep in the forest?"

A rustle of leaves and a blur of green produced a small primate. The humans called this species Liberty monkey, and this little fellow looked barely past weaning. Its curious brown eyes reminded him of the humans. The monkey took a few steps forward and offered the Anzu kitten a piece of half eaten fruit, squished in its tiny fist.

Subahu thought that if he weren't so hairy, and were wearing cloths, he would be mistaken for a human. Perhaps this little fellow was the animal closest to conscious awareness. What if exposing the big predators was the wrong approach? Subahu stretched out a hand and smiled at the little monkey.

"How would you like to come home with us, little guy?"

The little monkey chittered and leapt onto Subahu's arm. Subahu smiled at the unlikely pair, and held each one tight in the crook of an arm as he flew them home.

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