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   Chapter 60 No.60

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5548

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

Subahu's body trembled violently. Despite his rage, the shapeshifter forced himself to bend a knee once again in submission to the will of his Regent. "Where will I go now Marduk?"

"I have commissioned construction of villages in the Underworld and forbidden human exploration therein. You will join thousands of your brothers and sisters there and make a new home and a new life for yourself."

"As you command, " Subahu forced the acceptance through a clenched beak.

The wolf guardian, could not accept Marduk's commands. Marduk had used the Tablet of Destiny to render her temporarily inert. Her unconscious form was draped over his shoulder as Subahu approached his regent for a farewell.

"Will she be…" Subahu struggled for the right word.

"Don't worry. Our sister Tataka will be cared for. She is not the only one who cannot cope with the change. The humans have a science of the mind. I have reviewed cases of their healers working with patients until a new peace and direction gives the sufferer purpose. She will be safe and taken care of, in Beltyre."

His Anzu bird brothers broke his recollection. Blood on his beak and face was cooling. His feline belly was full and he graciously left the kill for the real Anzu birds to consume. He returned to the nest the pride kept, high in the ancient trees, which rose far beyond the young forest. Beyond the cover of clouds, he returned to the empty room he claimed. None of the real Anzu birds would enter the space. Scorched spots from energy blasts, slashes in the walls, and blood stains gave their reasons. A hammock and his travel pack were the only items that indicated the presence of a

unden's Colonial Security Force meetings. He keyed in a report, then noticed the package.

Pneuma were pouring into a new city about an hour's shuttle flight out of the LARC1 colony. Was he going to liberate some to grow into Anki? It's nice to be part of a cause again, but living with a bunch of people who I have to raise and then obey sounds like a step in the wrong direction. He opened a connection request to Enzu. Seconds later, the familiar bronze toned face smiled a greeting.

"Subahu, I just received your CSF report. Your espionage work has been invaluable. By the delivery I see you holding, you may have guessed we've got something new in mind, " Enzu steepled his fingers.

"Am I to make Anki here on Nibiru?" Subahu peered in the pouch of gemstones, hoping to conceal the expression of distaste at the notion.

"We have something else in mind for you, my Rakshasa. Recruits in Beltyre have joined the Rakshasa cause, they will handle espionage and engagement for now. This little project I have in mind for you will occupy all your time until Ningal and I can analyze the results."

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