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   Chapter 58 No.58

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6104

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

Subahu kept a fast pace uphill until skylights in the artificial ceiling indicated that he was now only a few stories below the surface. The rumble of water through the colony's hollow central shaft was loud enough to mask the sound of the two shugarra clad humans falling into step next to Subahu. His reflexes tensed, then he relaxed and offered them a curt nod. Something about the shorter human was familiar.

"Nice day to stroll the undercity, " said the tall one. His blue cargo pants and black boots confirmed that he was part of the Colonial Security Force's Shugarra Corps. Most who wore the silver device were, although some shugarra were seen on people in lab coats, usually in the practice fields outside the colony.

Are these guys on the beat, or are they looking for me? "This place gets me nostalgic for Atlantis, " Subahu replied.

"Those were the glory days, " a familiar voice said. It was the shorter officer.

This must be Nabu. The Nefilim who survived by fusing his remains with a human. Subahu eyed the man, his features looked human, although the silver mask and cape-like wings of the shugarra obscured his true features. "Nabu?" he asked.

"You got it. We can smell our own. Please, call me Officer Rogers. This is my partner, Officer Dershell, " the shorter shugarra corps man said.

"A pleasure."

Subahu's senses heightened. Introductions implied they were looking for him. Leonard's mark must have called them to report an assault. If he were smart, he left out the bit about the gemstones, Leonard intended to share the wealth with its finder. He was honest and somewhat ethical for an undercity loan shark.

"Have you been over to Mill Street this morning?" Officer Rogers asked.

"I can't read English, not sure what those signs say. I like to stay in the undercity so I can do a

the paper.

"Please? It's official CSF business."

The transit car doors slid open. A couple passengers got up to leave. Subahu raised his face to meet Dershell's- and leapt from the seat into his midsection, tackling the man. The pair tumbled into the passengers departing the car and Subahu rolled onto his feet. He recognized the neighborhood and dashed toward the end of the old colony, nearest the forest and his home beyond.

Subahu heard Officer Dershell's calls for everyone to freeze and face him even as he shapeshifted into an average sized humanoid male figure and casually walked away. The lunch time crowds allowed him to blend in. A couple of blocks later and he was strolling the boardwalk headed toward the forest beyond the colony. Dershell's cries faded and disappeared. That was close. I wonder if Nabu can report me to Marduk.

Life for the free Nefilim on Nibiru wasn't completely free. Their regent Marduk, Nabu's father, had been busy blending Anki behavioral codes with human laws to guide Nefilim life. Subahu heard tales of Nefilim incarcerated for various crimes from time to time. Beltyre, the mountain city, was much more in line with Marduk's laws than his home, the Underworld.

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