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   Chapter 57 No.57

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5469

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

"That moron? I kicked in his door, and after the guy craps himself, he tries to fry me with an energy rifle. Probably didn't return it to his Volunteer Corps sergeant after Free Day, " Subahu set the trunk on the bar and sat on a stool.

"Free Day? Is that what you guys call it?" Leonard shook his head. "That dirtbag was with me in VC all-right. Did you ice him?"

"Nah. I dropped him with a sucker punch. How many morons actually think they can play like they are reaching for the money and then get a shot off?"

Subahu shook his head, then a twinkle lit his eyes. He double checked the booths to be sure they were alone. "Check these out! I haven't seen these since the Anki days, when you primates still wore loincloths." He opened the chest and Leonard was illuminated by the glowing gems. The thin loan shark's jaw dropped.

"Are these…?" Leonard stammered.

"You bet. These are the very gemstones that started all of civilization. Turned Pneuma into Anki. Don't touch them, I heard one of the eggheads in Zimmerman's lab turned himself into a shapeshifter with one. You could end up growing another arm or a tumor."

"Might be worth the risk! If I could change shape like you, I wouldn't have to lend cash and pour drinks to get by."

"I was happy guarding that empty palace on the cliffs. I felt like a little leaf, part of a great tree- the Anki empire. Now I feel like a dried out leaf, tumbled around the ground by any little breeze. I can be anything… But how the stars am I supposed to feel like I'm a useful part of something bigger than this!" Subaho gestured to indicate their lending operation.

"Hey, with

hour crowded his walk. Humans poured out of their workstations within the various manufacturing facilities, the waste treatment plant, and the power generating station. His appearance was humanoid, but the workers seemed to feel the difference between them and gave the shapeshifter a wide berth. A couple of them, Volunteer Corps veterans who fought during Free Day spat on the ground and muttered comments as he passed.

Why do I mingle with these primates? These short lived beings wouldn't hesitate to take over an Anki world. Why should they care who laid claim? They probably won't live long enough to see the old masters return. Freedom? Laughable. These people swamp themselves in material possessions, and spend all forty of their healthy adult years climbing out of debt from their unnatural lifestyle. If only these humans understood that they worked so much of their lives because the Nefilim had sculpted their society to mine precious metals and Anki gemstones from Earth. Their Stone Age ancestors enjoyed far more leisure than these drones who gave Nefilim their freedom.

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