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   Chapter 56 No.56

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5639

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

"I feel violated, " Ruthers stammered, as he attempted to wipe the spore from his glove.


Part 1

"Starblasted it! You Nefilim dog. I was part of the volunteer corps you know!" the mark cried.

"Listen human. We could swap war stories. I was there too." Subahu's massively muscled humanoid form changed shape to an average build, his head sprouted feathers and a raptor's beak. Talons dug into the cheap floor tiles. The tiny quarters that were tucked into the sprawling development, just outside the colony's original walls, held dozens of marks like this one.

"One of the bird Nefilim? You killed Dobbs! You son of a…" the mark balled his fists. His dust covered faced streaked on one cheek as a single tear fled watery eyes.

"Easy there friend. We are all on the same team now. As a matter of fact, you and I have a mutual acquaintance, Leonard." Subahu flexed his wings and the tips touched both walls in the cramped living quarters. He retracted them to fold neatly up on his back.

Subahu watched the mark's expression wash from confused anger to cold fear. Rightly so; people that borrowed money from Lenny and had trouble paying found themselves with unsavory company and physical impairments they hadn't had before. The mark, a human with a waist like a barrel, fell back into the old chair he occupied.

"Oh… Lenny. I was just about to call him. Listen, I'm sorry. I just got back yesterday. The Southern continent is a big place. The trip took a couple weeks longer than I anticipated. I blew through every cent I borrowed…"

Subahu spread his fingers, then clenched two fists, knuckles cracking. "Leonard is a patient human. He has waited for this da

nearly two hundred stories. They also plunged nearly two hundred stories. Most of the colony's underground section was industrial- papermills, waste treatment, textile mills, hydroponic farms of Earth produce, factories, and 3D printing facilities. There was also a neighborhood where guys like him and Leonard could earn a decent living off the desperate.

The grime in this neighborhood, that was once a starship, was clearly older than the low income dwellings outside the colony. This place had filth from their decades' long journey from Earth to Nibiru. Subahu chuckled softly to himself. The top decks looked so polished and clean, one would never suspect there was a grimy underbelly to the human settlement.

"Hey Lenny, " Subahu greeted as he pushed through the door, Anki chest under one burly arm. "I got something for you, it isn't cash."

Lenny did not look up from his task. He stood behind a bar and busied himself refilling the fancy liquor bottles from the cheap stuff off the bottom shelf. He was a slight man, and balding. "Did my friend give it up willingly or did you take payment the hard way?"

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