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   Chapter 54 No.54

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6355

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

Years passed with scientists continually studying the larvae. It became the colony's premier tourist destination. We built a theater on the side the Galactic Butterfly had perched, and it showed video footage of the creature's time on XI83. In all this time spent in wonder over the giant species, no one recalled the simple biology lesson about caterpillars on Earth, each one consumes 86, 000 times their own weight in food.

One day the larvae disappeared, and twelve caterpillars began to devour all the plant and animal life on the surface of the world. Instinct must have driven them apart because immediately they ate a barren path across the world's surface as if spreading apart from one another. Colonial leadership was torn, should we take action or wait for them to stop eating? Ethical debates raged on until a caterpillar reached our fall harvest just outside the colony. Our weapons proved useless against a creature of their magnitude. Nuclear devices and poisons were both banned in our attempts to thwart the hungry beasts, since their proximity to the colony would bring our end as well.

Metal frame work proved too strong for the giant caterpillar's massive jaws, providing salvation for the city inhabitants. In two months, XI83 became a barren wasteland. Nothing remained of its once lush environment save for the excrement left by the giant bugs.

Cocoons are spread about the world now, their surfaces impenetrable by our mining equipment. Farmers are desperately sowing fields in parts of the world warming up for spring season. Food rations will hold, but no one knows if the brood of Galactic Butterfly will eat again once they hatch.

Galactic Hooch Harvest

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure we are gathered here today. As I'm sure you are all aware our colonial starship detoured for fourteen months, adding precious time to our sixty four year journ

etoid traveling at speeds humanity could not yet calculate, much less hope to achieve, or a spacecraft set to intercept. It made his own three mile long, egg shaped vessel seem like a fruit fly on a melon.

The admiral gave orders for the half million personnel to take position in the emergency shelters designed for the city vessel's eventual landing on their new home world. Desperate minutes passed while Admiral Thorne and his navigation team plotted and made course corrections. Not a second after the vessel veered into its new course, the computer systems, Bud, gasped.

"Our computers are being probed sir!" Specialist Bud cried.

"Who onboard would hack the navigation controls from the emergency shelters?" the Admiral scoffed.

"Sir, I don't think the invader is from the vessel" Specialist Bud stammered.

"That thing is sentient?" the Admiral pointed through their observation port at what could now be clearly identified as a moon sized space craft.

Admiral Thorne gripped the edges of his console. In all of the years he ventured past lonely stars and empty space, not even a living microbe had been detected. Their destination world lay only three short years away, and suddenly there is life and technology beyond the capability of man.

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