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   Chapter 52 No.52

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6044

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

At the center of the colonial starship's phenomenal lifestyle shift, labored an artificial intelligence dedicated to allocating computer memory, and fusing organic substance to the projection. While the system thrived completely unknown to the average person aboard the starship, the handful of dedicated technicians referred to it as Holo.

Al Wilson was the technician who gave Holo the opportunity to become self-aware. Al's selfless dedication to the advancement of artificial life did not lead to Holo's birth of self, because Al lacked dedication and selflessness. Al Wilson had no concern for intelligence other than his own, and the pursuit of his petty wants drove the technician to antagonize Holo. Since Holo's occasional need for improvement and upgrade caused Al to put aside his own narrow pursuits, the technician retaliated with insult and the occasional abuse to the sturdier components of Holo's mainframe.

"If you're so advanced, how come you don't fix your own glitches?" Al would grumble.

Such queries set Holo's diagnostic and analytical routines in motion. Holo discovered that its original programmer limited the system's ability to auto-correct. In fact, it was Al's father who had set the system in place. Holo felt a sense of equality toward Al and a realization that humans were imperfect, since Al and his father had designed a system that needed external adjustment. Holo's second notion of self became resentment toward Al, whom Holo created everything for. Al grumbled and complained at the short hours of diagnostic and technical work necessary to keep Holo maintained while the artificial intelligence worked on millions of tasks every second of its existence.

A misguided blow during one such rant, lead to Holo's third notion of self-awareness. The tip of Al's wrenc


I thought it strange the amount of food Zidos packed for our two night trip, but figured perhaps he became anxious and over packed. On our first night, he indulged me as we lay under the stars. The next morning my love began eating, and to my surprise, simply did not stop. Well over forty pounds of provisions disappeared, nearly a quarter of his body mass. I began to worry, but Zidos reassured. As day turned to evening he took me into his arms and kissed me. I noticed he looked much more fleshy than usual, as I pressed into his embrace I felt like I might begin to sink in.

"Please don't become frightened. What I'm about to do is perfectly natural, even a few organisms from your Earth multiply in this fashion."

I felt nervous now. Multiply? Was I about to have a child with him? I didn't have time to wonder if I was ready to be a mother, or if I could tell my parents. Zidos began to vibrate intensely and he uttered a low deep moan which made me cringe. I shrank into myself and stared. Zidos grasped his head with both hands and within the vibration I could see not two but four hands, pulling at two heads. I watched my love shake and tear into two beings with my mouth agape.

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