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   Chapter 51 No.51

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6203

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

"Admiral, from this range I suspect something or someone may be attempting to communicate a distress message. It's a hunch, sir, but one I like to follow up on."


Admiral Danvers ran a hand over new stubble on his cheeks. His primary directive mandated that he deliver the half million people aboard, to their new home, which lay another decade beyond. However he saw no harm in simply investigating a phenomenon that puzzled humanity for decades. His colonial starship would be within close range of the black hole for weeks as it maneuvered around its gravity field for the far side of the Perseus Galaxy.

"Jennings, I'm assigning Leila Connor from Linguistics to your task. The two of you have three weeks to translate the signal and determine if it is from an intelligent source, " the Admiral replied.


Ensign Jennings had the pleasure of Leila Connor's acquaintance already. Leila Connor had the respect of her colleagues after translating an alien message on a deep space probe five years ago, crew mates also found her pretty. The young man's grin connected his ears as he pounced on the terminal to message her duty assignment.


Leila reported to the communication office adjacent to the bridge within the hour. Her eyebrows raised as she locked eyes with Ensign Jennings; the only cue to her excitement. All the girls in linguistics talked about him while they translated the deep space probe from the Rish Ti Karn race five years ago. Leila had always been fond of men in uniform.

Long work days seemed short with pleasant conversation and at times, flirtation. Jennings detected a twenty six hour pattern to the song-like frequency. Leila sped the message to a length of five minutes, on the assumption that something caught in the event horizon would experience a shift in time. The theory paid off.


he starship lived as their training dictated. The company officers and civilians alike refrained from enjoying certain excesses their predecessors on Earth took for granted. The delicate equilibrium necessary for their space faring city to support a half million lives took priority. Their destination world, forty three years travel from Earth proved to be a barren wasteland. During the trek toward an alternate home another sixty years distant, an inadvertent discovery led to the development of holograms fused with organic substances.

No longer did rations consist of a simple vegetable and starch compound. The data base from near forgotten Earth cuisines reemerged and began to take new forms. Flavors long forgotten out of necessity now became a baseline. Without a strict limitation of new material possessions a colonist could own whatever they fancied and simply discard the garment, tool, or child's toy when it lost appeal. Fashion, long stale, flourished at the ridiculous pace it enjoyed on the home world. Values had been focused on pursuit of scientific disciplines, advancement of professional fields, and enrichment of interpersonal relationships before. Now the boundless line of materials busied the average mind.

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