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   Chapter 50 No.50

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6337

Updated: 2018-01-25 19:02

In the blink of an eye the barrel bodied creature stood inside the glass, inadvertently transported by the strength of Vince's will, augmented with just the right mix of two atmospheres.

Vince gasped and tried to blink it back into place, but the creature held less reservations.

It withdrew eye stalks into a clammy body and latched onto Vince's leg with a sucking force that shredded through his flight suit.

Vince swooned, plopped on his butt, and nearly fainted. Thankfully his attacker died from oxygen exposure before more than a pint of Vince's blood had been drained. The battered man kicked the parasite off in disgust.

His head swam. He would die in here. Vince imagined this as his cell, impenetrable, inescapable… except for how that meaty log of a blood sucker got in. How had it gotten in? Vince peered at the viewport. He wrapped hard on the glass until his knuckles stung.

He chuckled at the new sensation; a relief from his head and leg pain. Then it came to him. The mingling atmospheres caused his will to encounter the creature to become reality. He had teleported that alien into the shuttle.

Vince's stomach rumbled. He reached for rations, and then grimaced. His gaze turned to the dead thing on the shuttle floor. It had tried to eat him, so Vince would reciprocate. He tore the shuttle apart trying to find a way to cook, in vain. Then he gazed at the twinkling star. One spec of that star would cook his little meal. Vince focused on the thought and time froze.

In a fraction of an instant Vince saw a tiny molten pin prick of star fire that swelled with unbelievable speed until it nearly consumed him. Vince realized his own folly, he would be incinerated by the expansion of the highly pressurized thermonuclear reaction in another heartbeat.

The battered, concussed, bleeding, hungry man wished for the safety of a rescue shuttle.

The explosion

imates soon aided in construction and exploration missions, birds served as small parcel delivery curriers, and cloven animals helped with the heavy lifting. Chickens, bees, and cows happily assisted in food production and considered their eggs, milk, and honey a contribution to society.

Pigs took a different view of their situation. They demanded better living accommodations and luxuries other animals afforded through their wages. The colony practiced democracy, but its social assistance program bankrupted within months due to the hogs.

At last, carnivorous species of animals, as well as humans discontent with the arrangement, found a solution to keep their delicate new society prosperous. A simple surgical procedure disabled the hog's ability to hold sentient thoughts. Within days the smell of bacon permeated throughout the community.

Every creature had their own contribution to make.

Message from the Black Hole

Jennings puzzled over the signal from the communications terminal aboard the colonial starship. Scientists and Astronomers on Earth had long puzzled over the song-like signal emitted from a black hole in the Perseus Galaxy, but now, just outside the immense and powerful phenomenon, the signal took an eerie familiarity.

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