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   Chapter 48 No.48

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5782

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

Anton was thankful for the doctor droids since a biologist would have had the closest applicable training and would have been the one chosen to deliver the babies. He pondered why his extensive education had overlooked the bits about human reproduction. Did Margery and ABSA hide the information to protect his innocence? Infant care was every bit a mystery to a generation of teens who had never seen a baby.

"No sign of mommy yet little one. Don't worry, she's with Captain Lance and they will be back as soon as they figure out where to land the colony, " Anton said.


"This is the spot, " Lance announced. He stood before a beautiful plateau, split by a fast flowing river. Purple mountains loomed in the distance. Lush grassy fields spread at their base until the horizon bent the scene from sight. Pink-orange sky held warmth and a floral scent on its breeze. Lazy pale blue clouds coalesced and mingled. Life here would be idyllic after a childhood spent on a starship.

It would be perfect. Their week on the planet had revealed hundreds of native species of animals. None seemed any brighter than the animals cloned from Earth species, certainly none that could be considered sentient. It would have derailed their landing and forced the colony to move to a secondary location another five years away.

"It's beautiful, " Kira agreed. "Leona will love it here."

"You were able to keep the shuttle far enough away from the meteors, do you think getting the colony through them is possible?" Lance asked.

"It has to be, " Kira replied. "We don't have an alternative. None of MARC's simulations put asteroids in our approach path, but the ship is huge. I bet we could plow right through them."

"Kira s

. Dozens of others within the colony stood empty for the last twenty years.


The bridge held personnel essential to the landing. Despite the previous day's simulations, everyone was silent with nerves.

Kira approached the hole in the asteroid field and the massive colonial starship slid between two giants that dwarfed their sleek silver city. Five minutes of tension passed while the craft flew through. Kira sighed in relief as the vessel cleared the tight spot. Gasps of awe filled the room as the view port in the bridge gave an unobscured view of their new home. Lance clapped a hand on Kira's back and the lithe pilot laughed.


The young captain gasped as the view of the planet became streaked with asteroids the size of shuttles. The sound of rock crashing into metal echoed through the colony like a hard rainfall. Where had these come from? The simulation didn't have anything like this!

Some crew members screamed, others cried. Warning displays peppered the bridge's consoles. Most asteroids dented the hull and deflected away, yet others punched through and smashed the structures within the colony's bowels.

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