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   Chapter 47 No.47

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5739

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

"Take a look at this, " Samantha said, pointing to a schematic on her slate. She let her hand rest on his. "I can remotely shut down all the droids except for MARC."

"Great! I figured out his off switch a few years ago. He needs to be deactivated and manually reactivated in order to receive an update from Earth. I'm not sure why, but he is overdue, so we could fake one and power him down before the others, " Lance said.

The pair of teen conspirators weren't the only ones ready to strike out on their own. Lance had heard group after group complain of their overbearing guardians. When the clones were kids their guardians had been like best friends, explaining the ship and going on adventures with their charges. Now that they were teens, it was nothing but talk of responsibility and raising the standards.

Last year their media access had changed from children to young adult and the clones quickly began to realize that their long hours of job training and evening school were not the childhoods they would have had back on Earth. In fact, they learned that children born into families were not even allowed to work before their teen years, much less trained into an advanced career.

A handful of colonists approached Lance to complain of the difference. After giving the matter some thought, he prepared an argument and explained their position to MARC. The droid's facial display pictured the Admiral and it chided Lance for bringing up the subject. Then he went on and on about responsibility and their unique situation. He pointed out that they have two leisure days in every seven just like humans on Earth and that the droids work constantly for the good of the colony.

Lance chose not to las

rt looking at the star that would warm them on their new home world. He averted his gaze to the surrounding area, since looking directly at the star would cause him to squint. Asteroids stood as silent sentinels, barring LARC7 from a closer approach to the planet. He had made this vigil every day for a week, and awaited the shuttle's return.

"Do you see mommy?" Leona asked. She had his thick curly hair and her mother's narrow eyes. Her skin tone was a blend of the two. Kira had been one of thirty colonists to become pregnant shortly after the droids shut down. Anton juggled his crewman responsibilities and parenting without his partner these lonely days since Kira departed with Lance to explore their new home. Anton suspected that it was much harder to be away from Leona though. Kira loved her little daughter fiercely.

The medical droids had to be reactivated after only six months in order to explain to the colonists why some of the females' bellies continued to grow. Samantha was able to alter their programs to remove the guardian tendencies, a measure taken to prevent them from reactivating MARC and their former roles.

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