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   Chapter 45 No.45

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5690

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The four children and their droids found themselves tumbling out of the transport shuttle after three minutes of shrill screeches, and one pit stop for Anton to overcome motion sickness. Lance had done his best to comfort her, and Margery's face beamed a radiant smile on MARC's facial display.

The bottom floor of their new living quarters had a giant view port which allowed the children to see the vast, star pitted blanket of space that stretched indefinitely beyond the warm walls of their flying colony. Anton discovered a litter of recently cloned puppies in a small pen in the far corner of the room. His quest for alien life would have to wait.

Year 10

"Hang on to your seats!" Kira tugged the throttle sending the transport shuttle into a barrel roll and avoiding an approaching meteor. Her bob cut hair was in disarray and she flashed a smile full of missing teeth at her guardian droid Navigator.

"Effective, yet not very economical, " the Navigator droid informed her.

"Oh Navi, don't be that way. This is our first field trip! We need to have some fun."

"I'd like our fun to have a bit less rolling, " Anton said. His ebony complexion looked a little green. "I don't want to paint the inside of the shuttle with breakfast…"

Kira, Lance, Anton, Samantha, and their guardians were on their way to a moon that showed promise for supporting life. The details of the life forms were unknown because the probe they sent went offline shortly after landing in a valley. MARC felt his ten year old charges were ready to accompany the mission and do a bit of exploring. They would all wear life support suits on the surface because atmosphere conditions were unknown.

MARC was al

late that displayed a map with one dot for the probe and eight dots for the children and droids. The clearing where Kira set the shuttle down was about a half mile from the probe. They trudged on green mossy vegetation that sucked at their boots while they walked. The trek was slow going on its account.

"Can we hold up here? I saw animals the size of lady bugs, " Anton said.

"You'll have plenty of while Samantha works on the probe, " Lance replied.

The group stood on a ridge overlooking a little valley. Lance stared down at his display. The probe should be right in front of them, but the little valley was no larger than a track field and the probe was nowhere to be seen.

"Something is different about the moss here. It just looks… different." Anton said.

Kira grabbed a hand full and squeezed it between the fingers of her suit. "It's squishy, " she said.

Anton cocked an eyebrow. "Hey Kira, since you're not afraid of getting dirty, let's get a closer look, " he said. He took one step down off the ridge, but as his foot made contact with the moss, it seemed to part and he disappeared beneath the canopy.

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