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   Chapter 36 No.36

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6007

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

The rest of their host's journey revealed that, it too, lived in a sort of colony like their uuthara.

Observation took an unexpected turn when the organism entered its quarters. The hopper clung desperately to its perch while the macro vision screen went white and then seemed to tumble about and flew some distance to a jarred impact.

"Are you alright Ileeta?"

"Fine… you? Thank moss we strapped in. Is the hopper undamaged?"

Ren spent hours cautiously maneuvering the craft through folds of white. When the hopper finally triumphed over the bundled lab coat the organism had disappeared and light in the chamber dimmed.

Shortly after their liberation, a silver mechanism with spindly limbs and a stout cylindrical trunk scooped the lab coat up and stuffed it into its body cavity.

Ren's reflexes saved the hopper and a last second leap planted the Rhootvi explorers atop the strange fabric consumer.

From their new perch, Ren and Ileeta strained to observe in near darkness as their new host tidied the chamber and placed belongings in their proper place. To conclude its labors, it withdrew a fresh, unwrinkled lab coat and hung it near the door before departing through a small hatch in an inconspicuous corner of the room. The little silver cleaner took a small corridor to another hatch and repeated its procedure in a vacant, disorderly room.

"We are on an automaton!" Ileeta shouted in glee. Simulated intelligence machines had long been a fascination of hers. The Rhootvi put a few to practical use doing hazardous tasks aboard the uuthara.

"If this is an automaton, perhaps we can link with it through the hopper's console and pilot it like an uuthara, " Ren replied. "Let's find a way to get the hopper into its inner workings, perhaps there is a simple way to int

ithout notice. Their programs did not allow for distraction from tasks to investigate a curiosity. During their journey, dozens of hoppers leapt upon the mechanical workers they encountered. Not only were pilots aboard, but technicians made the trek to determine the viability of converting empty space within the machines to living quarters. The giant organisms would find an empty shell of their uuthara and the Rhootvi would be free to live within the automatons, unnoticed and unrestrained. Ileeta even suggested their people could cultivate moss right inside their uuthara just like the macro organisms did on board their vessel.

"We'll abandon the old uuthara right where the giants would expect a simple animal to hide, " Ren said to their elder council.

Many of the Rhootvi felt reluctant to abandon their home, but the macro organisms had captured them and removed them from their world already. No one cared to wait and see what torments remained to be endured. With a dozen new uuthara that blended in with the droids, the Rhootvi could exist in peace. This vessel also offered a variety of new edibles to a people who had been sustained on only moss and mites since their origin.

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