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   Chapter 34 No.34

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5954

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

Near the end of their meal a currier interrupted with urgent news "Strange macro organisms, possibly uuthara, have moved the moss. Report to the mobility console immediately."

Without so much as a reply the pair shared a glance at one another and raced from their quarters to the console.

The currier glanced about nervously then tucked into a hearty portion of the roast and tipped back more than a share of the brew.

"What if mapping and tracking guessed right about this patch Ren?" Ileeta panted as they raced to their post.

"The moss looks healthy, scout harvesters confirmed the patch before we powered down the distance navigation console, " Ren said, hoping his tone provided reassurance despite pulling ragged breaths between words.

A panicked underling glanced up as they burst into the console chamber, "Uuthara mobility and sensory information has been transferred back from the harvesting department."

The three gasped as the moss uprooted, carried off by a bipedal organism into a clear chamber a hundred footfalls distant. Strange sonic vibrations formed a melodic bellow from the being's mouth. Another previously undetected organism answered in kind, as it moved the remainder of the moss into its clear chamber.

"Attention all citizens, prepare for emergency uuthara motion!" Ileeta yelled into the communication system.

"Let's get after it. If we remain next to the moss, the organisms may recognize our claim on it, " Ren said. His hands pressed into the console, became submerged and the uuthara made a dash for its prize.

"These things aren't uuthara, " Ileeta said. "No Rhootvi colony I'm aware of would unearth an entire patch of moss like that. This could be the demise of a small colony counting on this patch and if their stores ran

always caved his resistance.

"Alright, but we are packing as many supplies as we can carry. If we disembark the uuthara in this strange place, who knows how long it will be until we reconnect with civilization, " Ren said.

The couple spent vacations off uuthara, among their aboriginal cousins as often as their studies allowed. Their gear and food rations could easily keep them off their society for weeks before want of food or amenities. The real challenge proved to be the hopper. Mechanics in the small vessel bay knew of their predicament as well as any other citizen, and the use of hoppers would likely be suspended until further notice.

Ren and Ileeta elected to borrow a craft off the record. They waited near the bay until the mechanics took a meal break and crept onto the floor unseen. Hundreds of the ovular vessels sat in neat rows. Each had two powerful legs poised in a low crouch allowing the belly hatch to open at ground level. Claws tipped each foot and enabled the vessel to dig into the uuthara or moss patch it leaped upon. Ileeta led Ren to one of the new models near an exit hatch. The couple boarded, stowed packs, and powered the hopper in moments.

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