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   Chapter 33 No.33

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5878

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

"Hey, I'm glad to hear a voice. I've only got an hour left on my tank, " Dav replied.

"You know it's dangerous to dig alone and unreported."

"Thanks, I've been thinking about that lately."

"I'm looking to take a rookie under my wing you know. Seventy percent of your find here, then an even split going forward, " she said.

"That's steep!" Dav said. "I'm sitting on a fortune."

"Look kid, if you get greedy I could come back tomorrow. I'd be thirty percent richer, but corpses creep me out. What do you say?"

"You're right, partner."

In minutes, a smiling olive skinned woman, a few years older than Dav had the rookie free. He smiled; first the payload, then saved with only a few breaths left, and a lovely partnership.

"Stuff the smirk Romeo. Gas up and give me a hand with the ore, " she replied.

Macroscopic Abduction

"It's beautiful, " Jillian said, gazing intently.

"A lone beacon of intelligent life amid a vast, nearly empty terrain, " Dr. Morin replied. "Its sole purpose appears to be locating a bit of terrain with enough vegetation to sustain itself."

Jillian's face tilted skyward. Looming like a silver egg amid the planet's three moons, their colonial starship, the LARC5, moved on its course toward a world still many years distant. "It's not just about food Dr. Morin. We've encountered intelligent life already."

"Miss Taylor, how can you presume to understand the motives of this creature better than a biologist when we've only just encountered one?" Morin rested elbows on knees in a crouch next to what could have passed for a lumpy yellow anteater.

The creature hardly paid its company any mind as it ruffled snout through mossy vegetation. The clumps of moss and a couple thousand of the little a

uch a lifestyle led others to mimic the first, until the surface of the world had been mapped by countless societies of Rhootvi in larger uuthara, colored yellow to help spot one another against the bleak landscape. Snouts for food gathering represented the latest innovation, implemented only decades ago.

Many young Rhootvi daydreamed of creating the next improvement upon their massive roaming societies. Some even speculated that uuthara would someday venture into the sky to feed upon moss on the moons of their world. Uuthara bound societies encountered primitives from time to time who had never been a part of the collective lifestyle. They offered the opportunity to join with their civilized cousins. Many accepted, but some Rhootvi chose to live as they always had, leaving their fate to ancestral moss patches.

Ren celebrated the discovery of a vibrant moss patch with Ileeta, his spouse and copilot. On his first piloting excursion Ren led the uuthara to moss when some in the mapping and tracking divisions speculated weeks of additional travel. They dined upon roast mite and distilled moss nectar, heedless of what still lay in their private reserve.

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