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   Chapter 32 No.32

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5692

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"Thanks Ronald, but I've made up my mind. I want to be on the front line! No astrophysicist gets to accompany the science group for planetary exploration. I'll be there when we first encounter intelligent life, I'll protect the group from alien animals, I'll protect people in the colony from crime, I'll…"

"Squander your mind!" Ronald cut in, his complexion flushed red with anger.

"Just like you squandered your first heart!" the youth countered.

In their colonial starship, on an eighty year journey to another world, ethical views on cloning humans for life extension had been reevaluated. A gene therapy with cells from newts allowed unborn cloned teens to regrow eyes, limbs, even internal organs, all prior to consciousness. Ron Jr's life began to correct a defective heart valve that would have killed his elder five years ago. As a reward for their donation, the cloned youths were raised as children and given full citizenship upon adulthood.

"You can further my theories! Only you have the same mind as me, only you can make leaps beyond my theories when I'm gone, " Ronald said.

"I don't have your mind. Maybe the same blank slate, but our lives have been totally different. I came to as a full sized man, you had a childhood! You had parents to care for you, and I had a man obsessed with his work during the off hours. I don't owe you my career, I'm joining the Colonial Security Force with or without your approval, " Ron Junior gave the elder a piercing gaze.

"You're just a pup!" Ronald yelled, "You would do well to take the advice of someone who's been around a while. You wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for me!"

Now Ron Jr flushed with anger.

Even as his com

Dav struggled again to free the suit's drill arm. He felt the motor whir and a slight vibration of the caved in rock, but nothing that would unjam the man and his bulky equipment. He flexed the scoop arm experimentally, but it still clasped on the piece of platinum ore that had caused him to rush into the project.

Dav had chosen not to pay the dues to the union and work on a team of three like a few of the other rookies had. Those guys never got rich, most barely saved any money for their lives back on Earth.

Most of the miners worked like nomads, drifting around the various bases across the asteroid belt's sixty two mile expanse. They lived nearest to where they believed the best ore could be retrieved. Dig maps were inconsistent since no one wanted to surrender their claim and the notion of private property on the belt met only ridicule.

Dav woke to a rumble near the surface of his dig. He supposed he had drifted off due to boredom. Radio static blurred in his ear and his eyes went wide. Someone would have to be close if he picked up their signal.

"You alive down there cowboy?" a female voice asked.

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