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   Chapter 29 No.29

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6048

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

Lynn made a home for her and her unlikely charges in the ruins of her shuttle. Over the next five years, a small cabin grew of retrieved metal and local lumber. A garden stretched down its sunny side and three half sized orange humanoids played in the shady stream that had slowly carved the canyon over eons.

Lynn hunted long hours for what she came to regard as this backwater moon's substitute for chicken. Her return went unnoticed and she sat in their small home to watch the children play.

Two held hands running while one ran behind. The pair suddenly turned about and the three collided. Two fell, one quickly laid sticks about its body until the last child standing dragged it a few paces away and yellow "pow".

Lynn thought something eerie and familiar had just been reenacted. The children gathered in the shade.

"That's how he died and we were born, " one said.

"Lynn killed him, " its brother replied.

Lynn sat in shock as her three little buddies moved on to hop scotch. Humanity did not know much about Terechnians, she stood among the most knowledgeable on the subject thanks to their cohabitation.

"I suppose I should tell them more about how I met their father, " Lynn said to herself.

Lonesome Conscious World

Conscious awareness came in its earliest moments of existence. Smaller celestial bodies still coalesced in the space around it. Rock and ice constantly smashed its molten surface in the first days. Perhaps one such asteroid brought the sense of self, and perhaps the unique commingling caused the phenomenon. The planet became aware first of its own formation. The mere sensation of being captivated its mind for thousands of years. Only when its surface cooled, and land masses rose above placid waters, did the notion of other living things occur.

The t

black complexion seemed paler than usual. Dr. Jones's fingernails dug into the arm rests and he seemed to be focused on his breathing.

"Do planet landings frighten you Dr. Jones?"

"What?... Oh, excuse me. Yes, put me in front of any living organism and I'm fearless, but getting down to them is a bit nerve wracking."

"It's beautiful, " Delia said.

Martin tried to peek over her shoulder but her curled brown hair obstructed his view. "I'll get to work verifying the atmospheric readings." A half hour later and their shuttle's door slid open.

The Urboo indeed proved to be a sentient society. They used tools, hunted what appeared to be water fowl with spears, had developed art, and raised their young cooperatively. Dr. Jones became intrigued by what he observed of their physiology. The Urboo seemed to lack a skeletal system, no bones or exoskeleton. The beings looked partially transparent allowing casual, noninvasive study. Specialized cilia covered their bodies like a fine fur and seemed to hold their otherwise gelatinous tissues in a bipedal form. When the Urboo moved about, their cilia did all the work, Dr. Jones found it beautiful and mesmerizing to see the Urboo get around.

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