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   Chapter 28 No.28

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5842

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

Heads Up

Their new home world was similar to Earth in size, temperature, biological diversity, and landscape. The colonial starship settled itself into a gorge carved out at the base of a mountain stream. A lush jungle crept right up to the baseball field Ramsey Vanderbilt and his friends claimed from the new frontier. Despite being born and raised in an egg shaped city traversing through space, Ramsey and his peers developed an instant fondness for the outdoors.

Jimmy Schmidt hit the foul ball that led to Ramsey's amazing discovery.

Ramsey rooted through dense growth looking for the stray ball. What he found at first, was a yellow creature the size of his thumb.

It scuttled upright on two stick legs and held a smaller creature in one of its pincers, a meal produced from a successful hunt. Its head looked like an ant, save for eyes that revealed intelligence unlike the insects he knew from afternoons spent in the colony's Earth Habitat areas.

"Hurry up Vanderbilt!"

"You guys, look at this little thing!" Ramsey replied.

The little yellow hunter took an equal fascination to its big observers. It emitted a strange high pitched noise and soon a small yellow crowd gathered about to look at their human boy observers. Ramsey, Jimmy, and the gang felt they hand stumbled upon a truly remarkable species. The better part of an hour was spent in admiration of the yellow creatures.

Ramsey's communicator chirped and the boys dispersed to their homes for supper without a second thought for the whiffle ball, which had become the object of the yellow tribe's attention.

The following afternoon Ramsey and the gang searched the brush near the field for their mislaid ball. What they found was the home of their little

at provisions could be salvaged.

A strange noise drew her attention back to the Terechnian corpse. Thick ooze pooled about a nearly empty flight suit. Scraps of the ship's hull were intermingled in the Terechnian's remains. The chest of the suit wiggled and belted a sharp cry. Despite her reservations, Lynn cut the suit open with her utility knife.

Three infants milled about in the thick essence of the pilot that continued to fizzle and dissolve in front of Lynn Petro, who gaped at the sight.

Did the Terechnians send their pregnant to war? Did their young spring from the dead like pinecones after a fire?

Dogfights and mercy killing were her duty, but something deeper urged Lynn to care for the enemy infants. Babies are all innocent, and Lynn had no way of knowing the outcome of the war.

If the Terechnians won and found her caring for the babes, she might receive some mercy. Provisions from the shuttles lasted longer than expected and the small orange humanoids were born with teeth and an appetite for solid foods. A human infant could not have survived the first few months of the unlikely new life.

Rescue never came, nor capture.

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