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   Chapter 24 No.24

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 6218

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

Leroy Phillips led the way through the dense growth under the canopy. He wished that he could use the machete strapped to his leg, but refrained. It would be tragic to hack into the limb of someone welcoming them into their home. Rhodo did not direct them as much as create a link between its presence and the presence of the next closest member of its species.

Leroy could feel the new consciousness grasping toward them and strengthening as Rhodo's presence seemed to fade a bit with every step forward.

Now and then, Morin or Keller would call their march to a halt to examine the unique flora and fauna they encountered, snapping pictures with their communicators or collecting samples of insect sized animals or sapling plants for their lab.

Nearly an hour passed before they stood beside the mind that had drawn them into the foliage. They faced a beautiful bush, nearly the size of Rhodo. Its pink flowers swelled from seed pods within, and decorated its branches from top to bottom, releasing a mild and delightful fragrance. The three spoke greetings to the being and awaited a response.

"Leroy, this Venatorrhodon requests permission to share your experiences. This will enable it to communicate with your species as I do."

"Alright, " Leroy said in reply.

Leroy felt an unusual presence fill his consciousness and he relaxed his guard, allowing the encounter to proceed. Childhood memories of riding his tricycle and eating cookies drifted to his kid sister's birth, then on to memories of cutting class in high school. He relived boot camp for the Colonial Security Force and gazing at the stars through a viewing port on the colonial ship with his partner Jillian.

The consciousness pondered his feelings of romantic interest for the beautiful, bubbly, country girl and seemed confused by the fact that Leroy had hidden his feeling

would be- valuable real estate. This enables them to feed easier and more frequently, allowing their proximity to be sustainable."

"We are happy to interact with your peers, " Dr. Keller said with a smile. "Thank you for sharing your experiences with us."

"This won't take us too far from the shuttle to get back before nightfall will it?" Leroy asked, with a worried expression.

"They are equidistant to Rhodo. Save yourself only the time you used to reach me in your return from them. Rhodo will guide your evening trek. My brethren seem more eager to engage you that I have ever experienced. I will guide you if another visit with our species is suitable."

"Thank you Bloom, " Dr. Morin said. "Please lead the way."

Leroy enjoyed Rhodo's and Bloom's company, yet he had a creeping suspicion that the Doctors headed toward a dangerous situation. He tried to ease his own nerves by reminding himself that their attack this morning had been a misunderstanding that Rhodo had shared with his entire species. Colonial Security Force officers are entitled to a bit of paranoia, he thought, especially on an alien world. Without attracting the attention of the two doctors he deactivated the safety of his sidearm, just in case…

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