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   Chapter 21 No.21

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5815

Updated: 2018-01-25 12:02

Outside his cell, the CSF officer opened the barred door and a woman whom Daniels had been vaguely acquainted with entered, flanked by two more officers.

"I'm Doctor Erin Jeffries, Mr. Daniels. I'll be in charge of your rehabilitation today, " she said. Dr. Jeffries stood a few inches taller than Daniels, her strawberry blond hair swept back to her shoulder blades. Holden guessed her age in the mid-forties and she looked disarmingly attractive to the lone man who often went weeks without interaction with the fairer sex.

"More anger management then? Like it paid off last time, " Daniels said with a chuckle. "I thought I'd be spending my foreseeable future in this room, " he made a grand gesture to capture his meager surroundings.

"Please have a seat, " Dr. Jeffries said, and cocked an eyebrow at a rigid arm chair in the back of the room. "I'll explain your treatment while you get comfortable."

Holden Daniels gave her a long, almost hungry stare, and then plopped into the seat. He quickly adjusted and realized there were straps from top to bottom. He raised a hand to object, but the two CSF officers were already at his sides, and began securing the bindings.

"Anger management is excellent for those who apply the techniques Mr. Daniels. Imprisonment was practical for individuals with your aptitude back on Earth. Frankly, we have not got the space, or resources to provide you with a free ride. We are living in a closed artificial ecosystem on this starship, and we need every resource and every person to perform optimally. We will be covering for poor Mr. Nielsen while he recovers from your assault, but thanks to my little modified friend here, you will be back to work tomorrow."

Holden Daniels took hi

e craft in an observation room. The glass wall and its adjoining floor held a crescent table top, allowing the crew to take meals and attend meetings while enjoying the view.

The explorers lived together in the shuttle for nineteen days on the journey away from the colonial ship to the green world and the shuttle would need no less than another week to return home.

Their space faring colony and its propulsion vessel, called LARC5 spanned three miles in length and a mile diameter in its center; tapering to one thousand feet at its hollow tip and aft, bulging its tail back to a mile in diameter for its propulsion ring.

Admiral Nguyen had jumped at the opportunity to explore the world in passing, but ordered against altering the colony's course. Their intended destination lay another eighteen years ahead and nothing warranted delay.

"I hope there are ferns here, " said Marcel Renoir, "I miss the ferns that grew in Sorel on the banks of the Saint Laurent."

"Any ferns we encounter would likely resemble their central American cousins, " said a petite woman with ordinary features, except that they gave no hint of the zoologist's age.

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