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   Chapter 17 No.17

LARC Transmissions - An Anki Legacies Science Fantasy Anthology for Young Adults By S Shane Thomas Characters: 5434

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Seeing the situation resolved and also the suspicious looks on the faces of the approaching parents, Dr. Erin quickly piped in "Boys, it isn't nice to tease others because they are different, and Roger you know that revenge only makes enemies. Now who wants to celebrate a good game with popsicles?"

Monster in the Lift Tube- A Love Story

Larry knew she would take the lift tube. He'd been an engineer on the starship a long, long time, and if he knew one thing for certain, people on the LARC3 colonial starship kept to their schedules.

Larry knew they weren't a match on paper, though he looked every bit as young as the day he left college back on Earth all those centuries ago, thanks to genetic treatments with Antarctic krill DNA, he knew she just entered maturity not even to mention her enhancements.

He reasoned that she took part in the next colonization effort, and her DNA laced with whatever the geneticists onboard determined would allow humanity to thrive under unearthly conditions.

All differences aside, they would one day reach the planet and she would leave him to start a life and a family on a world while Larry continued his work here aboard the ship, but none of that seemed to matter.


Leila took the long way to her geological study group, as she had since that engineer caught her eye nearly a month ago. Something about the man that pulled her to him, like he exerted gravity beyond what the colony's artificial environment provided. Leila felt a pull toward him that lured her to the only place a fledgling colonist like her ever spotted the engineering team.

Some friend

rry leaned in and kissed Leila. She seemed startled at first, then she kissed him back.


Leila couldn't believe her senses. She had kissed boys before, but it had never been as electrifying as all this. She felt something magical between them. Something… dread well up within her, it was happening again! Leila froze, horrified by the realization that her suction cups began activating. She could hear Larry's startled expression from under her pressed lips, then her instinct took over and the next several minutes passed in a blur.

The lift tube door slid open, jarring Leila back to reality, allowing her human side to regain control. She pushed Larry back a bit with a wet popping sound. He looked dazed. Larry opened his mouth to speak, but Leila, overwhelmed with embarrassment, ran from the lift.

Leila sulked through the rest of her day. She slept fitfully. The next morning Leila mustered her courage, she would return to the lift and apologize for what happened. Larry would no longer be interested in a freak like her, but at least she could make amends.

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