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   Chapter 11 No.11

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Simon Urlitz peeled back eyelids and tried to adjust to the bright lighting and white walls of the hospital room. Since he was waking up, he guessed that the other shugarra corps killed the monkey Nefilim. These things were tough, two beatings in the same day. He was going to punt the next little green primate that told him "Howdy, " back into the woods.

"Looks like you're going to pull through… I'll cancel the party, " Travis said with a smirk.

"Did you guys kill it?"

"Yeah we did. Not before it killed seven CSF officers and put you and Bobby in the hospital."

Simon felt rage bubble up and he tried to get out of the bed. Pain shot through him and he eased himself back down.

"Easy there Simon. The doctor said you cracked a bunch of ribs and they had to patch up some internal bleeding. You'll be here for a couple weeks at least."

"What the hell am I going to do in a bed for a couple weeks?"

"I could bring you a book on anger management… You could use a little down time though, first the Pneuma's leg burn, then you get KO'd, and a monkey whacks you with a stick hard enough to make you faint."

"Sometimes I have that effect on people. Momma told me I evoke extremes."

Travis spent a few hours with his comrade until a few other CSF officers came to check up on him. Then he walked through the streets of the colony from the hospital to the living quarters Shelly shared with her two little golden charges. He knew the pair where asleep thanks to the messages he had exchanged with Shelly while he waited for Simon to come to. Maybe it was all the danger he encountered but he felt a closeness to Shelly that hadn't been there with any of the other women he dated. Perhaps it was the way she took care of the children, Shelly had a nurturing and motherly quality that was endearing her to Travis. He was certainly turned on by her shy demeanor and her brains. Travis recognized the beauty of girls like Christa the pilot that Simon, Blake, and every other CSF officer went crazy for, but he preferred a brunette who wasn't exactly the center of attention. There was also something about the way she looked at him… and those glasses were a big plus. He quickened his pace, stopping only at a corner store near her neighborhood for flowers.

"The three of you really know how to make a girl nervous, " Shelly said, through her open door.

Travis presented the bouquet and his best innocent grin. "You're not sleeping, let me in and I'll keep you company."

He recounted the events of the day, starting with the mission to the southern continent where they had first encountered the sinkholes which turned out to be a Nefilim in hiding. He described the frantic chase out of the colony and their encounter with the monkey who identified itself as an Anunnaki. He kept the fight description brief, not wanting to make her queasy. She talked about the CSF officers that returned Elsaap and I, and settling us down after the ordeal. I fell asleep exhausted almost immediately, while Elsaap sat up for an hour after dinner and told Shelly of our changes. Elsaap had described creating a saucer with water in it simply by wanting something to drink, while I had temporarily bent that Nefilim to my will. The Nefilim had also confirmed that we were growing into Anki instead of adult Pneuma.

They sat quietly for a few minutes before Shelly gave Travis that look he found irresistible. He kissed her and she pressed into him.


Wooril examined the bruises on Bobby's neck after he had recounted the ordeals over the evening meal. She kissed him a few times and told him that it would soon be all better. Bobby smiled, that reminded him of his mother every time he came home with a scuffed knee or a cut on his arm. Thousands of years and billions of miles were between their cultures, yet some things were universal he supposed. The Grisdoran blushed when he related the observation. She was on the other side of the city assisting with the CSF clearing the streets during the action, but beamed with pride when Bobby told her about the burrowing trap he had caught the Nefilim in. Wooril had spent a good amount of their shugarra corps training teaching him the subtleties of

He had served in the United States Army and did a tour in Afghanistan. He imagined that finding and fighting the Nefilim would be similar to the guerilla warfare he knew, as opposed to the type of fighting his great grandfather experienced in Europe during the Second World War.

All their carefully laid plans to settle an uninhabited world had been for nothing. Their methods of confirming the presence of sentient life searched out something similar to human life on Earth. He regretted that there was no method to communicate with the other LARC colonial ships to fill them in on their situation. Who knows what type of crisis could await them. The expectant looks from Travis, Bobby, Taurus, Despin, Veen, Craygarta, Gilgamesh, Dourge, and the green visage currently displayed on MARC brought his attention back to their situation.

"Gentlemen, thank you for your recent actions defending the colony. The Nefilim have taken human lives on three occasions. While negotiating a peace with them will be our primary objective, neutralizing their threat is the end goal. We will prepare to destroy them to the last… individual. We can't even confirm if their existence could be considered a life, or if their actions could be considered intelligent."

MARC placed both slim metal hands on the table and stood, making eye contact with each member of the meeting while speaking, "By all of your accounts they are an artificial creation, like me, only their purpose is to fight and kill those it encounters. They are relics of the planet's former inhabitants that were never deactivated."

"This reminds me of the history class lesson about children on Earth playing in fields with decades old land mines, and occasionally setting them off by mistake, " Bobby said.

"My thoughts exactly, " the Admiral replied, as he rose to his feet. "The recently formed shugarra corps has proven itself to be our best chance at eliminating the Nefilim threat to our people. With the help of drones, upgraded with our Nefilim scanning technology, and modified shuttles, we will take the fight to them."

The group's members nodded in agreement and they spent the evening hours recalling Nefilim encounters under the Anki controlled battles as well as their recent conflicts. Until they overcame the Nefilim threat, volunteers would fill the ranks of the shugarra corps and all scientific exploration of the planet would cease. Sam Martin headed a team including hundreds of engineers that worked around the clock to reverse engineer the shugarra and to develop new weapons based on their components. The Admiral hoped their current armament would be sufficient to end the conflict long before any substantial breakthroughs could be developed, but had always lived by the motto "Plan for the worst and hope for the best."

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