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   Chapter 10 No.10

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Travis, Bobby, and Simon burst out of the shuttle's hatch the moment it opened. Using the prototype scanner the trio hunted through the streets for the Nefilim they had detected within the colony. The men deactivated their shugarra, and the devices retracted to packs on their backs. The element of surprise would be in their favor since only a handful of individuals outside the mission knew that the experimental scanner existed. Dr. Lancett had flown in his shugarra directly to Mayor Paperman's office.

Given what the Nefilim had proven capable of, capturing the one in the city could be dangerous for anyone nearby. Dr. Lancett loved flying the shugarra. He relished the opportunity to embrace the avian exercise. A hundred yards below him colonists pointed up and cheered, many having seen the shugarra corps practicing near the boardwalk during trips to the beach. Lancett made a neat landing on the roof of the building containing the Mayor's offices on the shuttle landing pad. The biologist deactivated his shugarra, confirmed with the guard posted at the roof that Paperman was in the building, and rushed into the elevator.

MARC and Paperman studied a map of the colony and its surrounding landscape while reviewing building permits from various companies and individuals. Dr. Lancett burst in to the conference room, the wind from the door's swishing caused documents to flutter about in a little tempest.

"Mayor, MARC, " he nodded to each in turn, "Our tests on the scanning equipment have proven successful. We are able to detect the presence of Nefilim. There is one in the colony."

MARC's facial display went blank. Its program allowed for the base personality to surface when none of its composites had the experience necessary to guide decisions. The child sized android could assist Paperman in leadership and delegation with one of its simulated human personalities. In a security situation involving the colony, during a time when Admiral Grunden was away from the city, MARC led the CSF.

"I dispatched a message to all Colonial Security Force members to begin quietly urging citizens to return to their homes or the nearest emergency shelter." The green glow pulsed as it spoke like a drop rippling in a pond. "They will encourage colonists to move discreetly. We must attempt to capitalize on the element of surprise while avoiding risk to citizens. The Nefilim must be here covertly."

"Thank you sirs, " Lancett said in reply. "I'm going to find Helena."


Pink rays from the evening sun cast light and shadow over the colony. The artificial lighting would blink on throughout the colony in a half hour, neither source ideal for a manhunt. Colonists began quietly shuffling into their homes, public theaters, and restaurants accompanied by security. Their attempts to appear casual seemed suspicious to Travis. They were much more silent than usual and many faces displayed worry.

"It's not moving like all the citizens, " Bobby said, "It seems to be headed toward the edge of the colony while everyone else goes for the nearest building."

"If we can see it, it probably isn't in a human form, " Simon said. "What could be moving among us without arousing suspicion? It can't be a fire or sinkhole again or we would have an emergency report…"

"Howdy, " a liberty monkey greeted them as it loped past on all fours. The little primates spent time in the city by day, but always returned home at night.

"It's the big brass monkey! Travis said "There is something in its eyes that I thought made it different from the rest."

"The Nefilim is headed in the right direction, " Bobby said.

Travis paused for a moment to send a communication to MARC, as well as Shelly, Elsaap, and I. We were very fond of the primates and Travis knew we spent time after school near the monkeys.


"Hey Pringar, Travis just wrote us a message. He said the big monkey could be a Nefilim in disguise and to be careful."

"Good thing we just left their home, but we haven't seen him all day."

"If the ancient Anki made all the Nefilim, do you think the monkey would let us tell him what to do? We are growing into Anki after all."

We stopped dead in our tracks at the edge of the forest overlooking the field that leads to the boardwalk. A large brass colored figure with flecks of green in its fur loped along, surrounded by a number of the small green monkeys.

"They are all coming home for the night, " Elsaap said, "They are going to pass right by us."

"Don't worry, we've been around him dozens of times before and he hasn't tried to hurt us, " I said, taking hold of Elsaap's hand.

We continued walking along in silence trying to believe my assurance.

As the groups drew closer to one another the enthusiastic shouts of "Howdy, " mingled with the incomprehensible chatter of

e remain invisible, " he said in a whisper.

"First I'll burrow underground to create a pit and drop him in it. It will prevent us from shooting one another, " Bobby said.

"If anyone gets attacked be sure to bulk up your shugarra, this guy can hit hard, " said Travis.

Rogers whispered the command for his shugarra's burrowing form and disappeared into the soil beneath the group. Despin and Traynoir crept into position on the points opposite their current position since they where least likely to be heard or seen. Travis and the four remaining shugarra corps fanned out and encircled the wounded Anunnaki.

The copper monkey seemed to be making a salve of pulped leaves and mud and applying it to the areas the energy blasts had struck. Resting on a log near his hand was a new staff, identical to the one he had used in the field a few minutes before. Travis settled into position about ten feet in front of the Nefilim. A twig snapped to Travis's left, and the Anunnaki's head whipped in the direction of the sound while its hand grasped the staff. The copper monkey took two quick steps in the direction, a heartbeat before Bobby burst up from the ground. The Anunnaki teetered on the lip of the newly formed pit for a moment, trying to regain balance.

Travis sprung forward in a dead sprint, and screamed the command to transform his shugarra. Within another heartbeat Travis connected with its midsection while Bobby tore into its thigh with shugarra claws. The combined motions pulled the tangled trio into the mouth of the pit. The staff was a few feet longer than the pit's diameter and the fighters dangled while the Anunnaki maintained its grip. Travis had a bear hug around its waist and contemplated the situation for half a heartbeat until he heard Bobby gurgle and gasp. A quick glance revealed that the monkey's tail coiled around Bobby's neck like an anaconda. Bobby withdrew his claw from the Anunnaki's thigh and thrust into the base of its spine where the tail joined its trunk.

Bobby fell into the pit, hitting the floor six feet below with a thud. The purple spots he saw from lack of air burst into a dozen stars before he blacked out. The tail went slack and he sucked air in a deep sleep. The Anunnaki began pounding Travis's temple with brutal hammer fist blows. Travis wanted to avoid falling on Bobby's motionless form but the choice would not be his in another few strikes, the shugarra's bulk absorbed most of the impact but he still got jarred.

A yell from above caused the Anunnaki to look up, into a series of energy blast that the remaining shugarra corps landed directly in its face. Travis released his grip when he heard the sound, landing over Bobby and bracing for the monkey to land on him. Another heartbeat later and he felt a sack of potatoes plop onto him and slump off to the side. Travis whirled upright and about face, wasting no time to stomp the remains of the Anunnaki's charred face under his boot heel until its head crushed under the force.

Rogers came to with a splitting headache and in need of a few stitches. The pair hauled the Anunnaki corpse out of the pit and the group took turns carrying it back to the edge of the woods where a shuttle awaited.

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