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   Chapter 7 No.7

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Admiral Grunden greeted representatives from each of the five tower species in his office. Star charts filled display screens all over the room. Veen from the Grisdorans, Murga a female Saitaran, the Exendel Despin, Taurus the Minotaur, and the lone Craygarta each used a display and manipulated the area in the view screen attempting to recreate the night sky of their home worlds. They each started with the view of the night sky from the surface of Nibiru. Grunden demonstrated how he could find earth after locating a familiar star cluster, the big dipper and reorienting the view around it as it appears in Earth's night sky.

Each species was able to discover the location of their planet. "Your planets are as far from Nibiru as Earth is. It would take our ship a generation to reach what has become of your people" Admiral Grunden said, addressing the five.

Grunden had been working closely with the Exendel who had agreed to take positions in Colonial Security Force, mostly teaching them English and learning the Pneuma's version of Sumerian. He also enjoyed some light combative training. Grunden didn't make it light, most of their martial capabilities consisted of evasion and attacking blind spots. The way the Exendel fought made Ninja look like they were wearing flashing lights and tinkling cat collars. "Distance has not removed the Craygarta from our descendants, " the tall thin mantis like figure sang as his arms rubbed. "We here have rejoined our kind in mind. They have evolved into beings that we admire and respect. They told us of the Anki's attempt to invade."

Grunden and the four beings urged the Craygarta to recount what he knew of the Anki. He sang first in the Sumerian and repeated the tale in English with an amazing degree of fluency. A craft the size and shape of the colony emerged from the stars and settled on the planet's surface. The Craygarta determined to welcome its inhabitants to live in peace as long as they had no intention to disrupt the natural environment. A delegation was sent and met with members of the Anki whom they recalled from the scout ship's visit only a few years prior. The Anki would not return the nine who had departed, nor would they agree to maintain the current state of the world's ecosystem. The Anki demanded subservience from the Craygarta, who refused.

A battle raged on the planet's surface that lasted hundreds of years. The Anki had come with their champions the Nefilim, beings that the Craygarta never came to understand. At times they looked like the race of men, other times they embodied the forces of nature, and the extent of their power was almost overwhelming. In the end they slew the Anki and Nefilim down to the last man. Their colonial city was dismantled and its remains buried. The surviving Craygarta constructed a vast meditation garden on the site. Only one in ten of the Craygarta lived through the conflict. Those who remained, rebuilt their race as it was before, ignoring the technology of their invaders.

Veen, Taurus, Murga, Despin, and the Admiral openly speculated about the fates of their worlds. Grunden offered hope since the Anki were not among humans on Earth and only the faintest hints from humanity's distant past existed to account for their presence. A few clues and the long sunk remnants of Atlantis remained. Grunden agreed to build and launch four deep space drones with communications capabilities to deliver messages to the Grisdorans, Minotaur, Saitarans, and Exendel.

They took a lunch meal in the Admiral's conference room and Grunden introduced Dr. Zimmerman, a geneticist, accompanied by Shelly Crispin. They made small talk while they ate, Shelly relating the tale of the Anki footage and the discovery of the silver recording droid named Eight. Taurus wondered where the final Anki vessel had gone. The Minotaur speculated that one craft went to each species' planet but that left one unaccounted for. Mixed reactions circled the room, pondering the possibility of the Anki's return to Nibiru.

With Shelly translating, Dr. Zimmerman announced that his presence was a professional rather than social call. He noted to the tower species that aside from Craygarta, who had confirmation of their species' survival and who reproduced asexually, and Gilgamesh's group whom shared heritage with the entire colonial population, four families would be hard pressed to keep their species sustained without inbreeding. The Doctor explained his field and their ability to catalogue a species' DNA. By recording their cellular information and that of their companions he could extrapolate thousands of variants which would be a representation of their society as it existed in their time. He proposed the creation of hundreds of individuals from each race. After their initial creation they would be adopted and raised by human colonist. Both the human parents and the children would spend time with their genetic donors learning their cultures and customs. These children could marry with the natural offspring of their species to sustain the population. Over a few generations, their number would be enough to sustain their kind here on Nibiru.

"Our young start life underwater and I've seen humans splash about on the surface, " Murga said before croaking a deep, loud laugh. "If my mate and the others are willing to hear the idea, Saitarans would make plans with the Doctor. Perhaps accommodations can be arranged with their own kind until the young ones can emerge onto dry land."

"I want to see Minotaur roam the grasslands of Nibiru in vast herds and know that my people thrive, " Taurus said, giving Zimmerman a massive hug that nearly crushed his ribcage.

"Grisdorans also welcome the thought, however you will see that we may not need more than a handful of these special children to grow our numbers, " Veen said, "My mate Rayla will be tending our new litter in a few short months." The Grisdoran beamed with pride. His long ears rose upright as he graciously accepted congratulations from the group.

Despin expressed concern over the idea. The Exendel were a private race and he was averse to the notion. He did state a desire to see his people thrive on Nibiru and within the colony. He would seek the advice of his peers. If they conceded they would return to their tower and seek the opinion of those who remained isolated. If they came to an agreement for the idea, some of the children would be left in the care of the isolated Exendel, as theirs was a lifestyle more suited to their people.

The initial responses delighted Dr. Zimmerman. He acknowledged the concerns of the hesitant and recounted humanity's own timid approach to manipulating their genetic code. He told the group about LARC's database of human DNA located within his lab and on all the other colonial vessels that Earth had likely launched by now. Thousands of individual combinations lay dormant in the event that a catastrophe disabled the natural born members of the colony from creating enough offspring to maintain


"Bobby, I would like to have your detail rescheduled to me in order to learn more about your new friends tomorrow. Is that agreeable?"

"Sure Doc, and I'd like to drop in to Jui Jitsu for the morning instruction if you'll be there."

"I'll be there, come on by. We could always use some fresh meat, " he said with a chuckle, "Wooril if you're available we would love for you to accompany us to observe your friends in the woods."

"I would like that, " she said with a smile.

The Lancetts departed with another big wave, smile, and "Bye Bye, " to the primates. As if on cue, the three youngsters repeated the gesture and "Bye Bye, " giving an extra wave to Bobby and Wooril before departing back into the woods. Bobby paid their fare, tipping extra for the mess their new friends left on the lawn nearby. He walked Wooril back to the quarters she shared with Veen and Rayla.

"Woo, I think I need to talk to your father and announce my intentions of being your boyfriend, " Bobby said, mustering his nerve.

She gave him a knowing smile and a short laugh "If that is your custom, I think he would like the gesture."

When the two arrived, Veen invited Bobby in to take tea with the family. Wooril recounted their adventure with the green and gold primates and Dr. Lancett teaching greetings. She told her parents that she would be joining Bobby and Lancett to return to the monkey tribe's home. Bobby broke the silence which followed the conversation, his voice racked with a nervous tone.

"Veen, Rayla, as you know Wooril and I have been spending time together when my duties allow. We have become very fond of each other. I would like your blessing to continue our relationship, " Bobby said, wringing his hands as he spoke.

Veen erupted in a full bellied laugh, causing Bobby to pale with nerves. "I have heard about your fearless fights of late, it amuses me that announcing your romance is a greater difficulty to you! Rayla and I heard you invite Wooril to give chase on the game trail. We are delighted she has found someone to share her heart, so far away from Grisdor."

Bobby felt his meal rise a bit up his throat, his head swam. Woo's parents knew what she was about even before he had a clue! He sucked in a deep slow breath, trying to get a grip on his physiological response.

"If you two aren't able to make your own children together, Dr. Zimmerman could provide you a litter of Grisdoran babies, " Rayla said.

Bobby had heard the expression culture shock before, and was sure he felt it then. One hot afternoon and he was already family planning! Part of him was happy to continue his relationship without upsetting her family, the other part wondered if he was ready to make family plans. Wooril looked over at him, bright eyes beaming with happiness. Her look calmed his nerves. He took a few more deep breaths and put on his warmest smile. They finished tea and said their good nights. Bobby strolled around the colony for a few hours letting the events of his life fall into place and thinking about the future. He was a colonist, it was his duty to raise a family. The culture among the ship had always promoted settling in with someone and having as many children as circumstances allowed.

The following day Lancett, Bobby, Wooril, and a handful of LARC scientists followed the path back to the primate's tribal home among the trees. "Howdy!" came an enthusiastic greeting as they neared the clearing. Their ability to recall the greeting amazed Lancett. He and the other researchers spent most of the morning with the tribe. Bobby convinced Wooril to follow him back down the game trail to their lover's nook where they spent the midday in the heat of passion.

It came as no surprise that more of the primates followed them back to the colony. Lancett asked Bobby to name the species, which he called liberty monkeys after the Statue of Liberty in Earth's New York City. Their color reminded him of the ancient statue. The liberty monkeys began to be a regular feature all over the colony, regularly greeting citizens with "Howdy, " and even attempting to barter sharpened stones, fruit, small cooked game, and shiny objects for food items. Many of the colonists became enamored with their little green friends and looked forward to a chance interaction, carrying bits of food around just in case. The liberty monkey tribe relocated their home to the edge of the woods enabling them to venture frequently to the colony. Lancett made it a regular part of his day to note the behavioral changes taking place among the community against the remote observations of a control group that a drone had uncovered on the far side of the woods.

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