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   Chapter 47 Cinderella's Midnight

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"You demon!!!" I shout out, turning around to the room full of nobles staring back at me. Lucas' gaze turns from the dresser to me, his eyes widening at my announcement, and I take the opportunity to jump in the air and come down on his fucking perfect face with a punch. Somehow he blocks my punch to his face, angering me tenfold as I growl and punch at every inch of him I can get my hands to meet. I'm sure I'm going to kill him when I feel hands all over me pulling me away. Why won't he fight me? Why won't he fight back???

"You bring her back to me this instant!!" I growl at him as he picks himself up from the floor where he is curled up

"By jove you've lost it!" I hear father growl from behind me

"Bring her back!!!! NOW!!" I cry with all my might. Lucas looks up at me, confused, dishevelled, wiping his bloodied lip

"I don't have her..." I think I hear him shakily say, but I'm so angry she's not here I lunge at him again, only to be pulled back by all the hands holding me back

"Where have you taken her??!!!" I growl at him

"Where could he have possibly taken her if he's right here!" Father wonders coming into view between Lucas, the plethora of hands and I.

"I don't know where she's gone." Lucas repeats in that same dazed tone.

" Does he have a concussion?" I hear someone wonder as Lucas falls back down onto his knees. What have I done?

"Lucas?" I shudder softly, watching him fall completely to the floor. He better wake up and tell me where the hell Sadie is! I watch Jamie rush to Lucas to look him over for severe damage. If I had known there was a doctor in the legion I would have taken my interrogation much further than it had gone. He must know where Sadie is... If he didn't then who did? Who had she left with? Had she left...willingly?

We need to call the police or something. We need to find Sadie and make sure she's safe and in my arms! Fucking hell! It feels like I can't breathe without her here! I reach for my phone and dial her number, hoping against odds that she was safe and sane enough to just pick up and clear this entire mess up.

Come on Sadie pick up

Come on love of my life, don't kill me. Please

Just...pick up.


It hangs up on me. I dial her number again.

Sadie if you hang up on me again I will come over there and bend you over my fucking knee! I growl quietly to myself, except I didn't know where she was because...she had left!

"Hervé... Did you hear me?" Mother softly pries, poking my side. I'd stepped out onto the balcony with the telling sheets, trying to figure out if she really had left, if she hadn't just popped around the corner for some tampons or some pregnancy craving she didn't know she had!

"Hervé..." Mother repeats and I pry my investigative gaze from the sheets to her...aquifers. Sadie calls our eyes aquifers in their purple/blue tanzanite gleaming. I sigh and try to concentrate and what mother is saying

"...the guests who have left and see who else to suspect of anything...unless there's a reason she could've left you of her own?" Mother is asking, her gaze and voice uncertain. I would have never willfully given Sadie reason to leave me, not any reason she'd know of anyway.

"Who's car did she... Who's car?" I stutter, trying to come to terms with the fact that she was gone. That could be a place to start looking. I turn back to my mother, noting the hesitation to say anything.

"She took the bullet." She softly reveals.


"Your father is questioning him as we speak." Mother says rubbing my back, as if she'd read my mind. What would Hughes want with Sadie? He'd driven me from the hospital when I was born! I doubt he'd be of any use to her!!! Hughes??? This made no sense! I couldn't pay him three billion to leave me alone let alone turn around and kidnap the love of my life!


"Where's Hughes?" I wonder sliding into the passenger seat of the bullet. Sadie slightly lowers the partition and shucks her head to indicate back there. I peak at his worried gaze and then back at the wide smile on my wife's face

"I thought we'd drive him for a change." She shrugs brightly as I lean in and pull those lips to mine.

"Whatever you ask of me." I sigh softly to her as she chuckles

*end of flashback

Hughes probably wouldn't know anything. If it's the bullet she left in then there was a higher than comfortable chance that she had left me. She'd driven us here. She had the keys to the car. She left.

"Hervé?" I hear mother in the distance as something in me tears into a million shards that seem to be searing through my body. Pain, constant and supreme slithers across my cells in the very same way her kisses used to

"Hervé??!!!!!" I hear mother shriek in the distance

She left me!

She left me!!!

"Get the chopper ready. I need to head back to droughfox now." I state sharply.

If she had left then she had headed to our apartment to gather her things and that's where I planned on meeting her and changing her goddamn mind about this entire thing! If I had to kidnap her again I swear to Jove and all his siblings!!!!

" you can't fly in these conditions" Father declares walking out to the balcony and handing me a set of keys. It's the Pagani Zonda Revolución. I want to ask him if he's sure; there were only five of this car in the entire world and he'd barely ever let me touch it; but there was only one Sadie McClure and right now she could be on her way out of my life. I nod at him and rush to its special garage; bat mobile be damned!

The road is foggy and slippery but I can't help press my foot on the accelerator

The road is foggy and slippery but I can't help press my foot on the accelerator. Sadie can't leave me, she definitely can't. Whatever it is... whatever put the thought in her mind could be worked through! It positively could! I had already given the duchy up for her once! I would do it again in a heartbeat! I would publicly flog myself for the Charlton impact if it made her forgive me! I would let her scream down the walls and deny me sex for two weeks as protest against our secret marriage... I bite my bottom lip thinking about the feel of her skin under my tongue; Ok, maybe not two weeks, maybe two days? Days? Days without the magical feel of her cunt? Days? Hours...two hours without sex as punishment for tricking her into marrying me. Hours? I sigh, the faster I got back to our apartment in droughfox the sooner I could throw myself at her mercies and in between her legs, her voice caressing my soul as she cries out my name in ecstasy. Damnit all to hell! The pit of my stomach was already heavy with need for her! She can't have left me! I step on the peddle and curse whatever thoughts she might have had about leaving me!

When I get a hold of you and your fast legs Sadie McClure! We'll see how far you can run tied to our bed and paralyzed by our lovemaking!

By Jove! How can I even begin to live without our lovemaking? The shiver of panic goes right to my foot, pressing on the peddle just as a bright light and loud hooting resound around me. I swerve, or at least I try to, but I suppose with the fog and the slippery road and the speed at which I was now going at it all comes to naught. The hooting reaches a crescendo, turning into a deafening screechy ringing in my ear. I grunt and shut my eyes, reaching my arm over my eyes as I'm pushed through the car's windscreen.



I open my eyes and turn my gaze to the chocolate abyss of her worried eyes

"You can leave if you want." She soothingly whispers, running her hand across my face softly

"You don't have to commit to a mistake just because you've spent a lot of time and energy making it." She assures me tenderly. I reach out and grab her neck, pulling her closer to me

"You're not a mistake and I'm not going anywhere." I vow tersely.

"They're only going to keep hurting you." She sighs softly like velvet cream

"You're worth it." I decide pulling her lips to mine.

"Leaving you would hurt me more than they ever could Sadie. S

r. Not that I wasn't glad to see her, or creeped out by her face suspended inches above mine, but I want to turn and find Sadie laying next to me, asleep and at peace and why was my head impossible to move?

"Sadie?" I croak out, shocked by the sound of my own voice, someone shoves a straw into my mouth as I blink, trying to adjust to the light, a coolness soothing my burning throat

"You were in an accident. You broke some ribs, had a concussion, tore an ACL and got whiplash so bad you're in a neck brace which is why you can't move. You also injured your arm and you've been out like a light for the last two weeks but you're back son and that's what matters." the overwhelmingly sad male voice is saying. I recognize now that it's father. I try and turn my gaze to him but mother's hair is still in my face. She jumps at that excitedly

"Let me call in the doctor." she chirps as if to cover her sadness at something. I try to ask for Sadie again but the straw and the liquid and the fussing have me completely confused. Just when the straw is removed, a female doctor with a stern but compassionate look about her is pricking and prodding and questioning and examining and massaging. Can I wiggle my toes? how many fingers? How do I feel? I feel like I want my wife and everyone is avoiding the subject!

"Sadie." I grumble again. Am I the only one who can hear myself? She turns to my parents and asks them to leave. Apparently I need more rest than the two weeks I was out. Apparently she needs to administer some drugs to calm my nerves and help me sleep. Apparently no one hears me asking for Sadie! I drowsily watch them leave the room. I was in an accident. Was Sadie with me? is that why no one wants to talk about it? Is she hurt? Did I kill her? Is she... dead? Sadie!


"I can't keep coming here Hervé!" I hear her say. There's no doubt in my mind that it's her, no doubt in my soul.

"You need to wake up. Your family is miserable without you." she sighs heavily. I inhale the sweet smell of her as she places her palm on my face and caresses it

"Did you do this on purpose?" I hear her whisper as I struggle to open my own eyes and part my lips. These drugs were heavy industry! I could make a case that they'd paralyzed me!

"Did you try and kill yourself so I can come running back to save you?" she softly sobs, the pain in her voice too raw to my ears as something wet falls onto my cheek. She wipes it away with a gentle finger; she's crying. I try and shift about but my body just feels so heavy. What was she talking about? I tried to kill myself? When? Why?

"Is that the gamble this time? That if I don't come back you'll make a murderer out of me?" she shakily pries. For a second I doubt it's her voice; there's a pain and a...a... hatred? Where could that possibly have come from? Was I hearing it right?

"I'm not coming back Hervé! So you either wake up or make me a murderer; you've done much worse to me already. God only knows why! Why?!" her beautiful velveteen voice cracks into broken crystal. I wasn't mishearing her, it was definitely hate in her voice. If my ears were misleading me, the sharp pain in my heart wasn't. Sadie hates me. Sadie hates me? What hell on earth had I enacted on the love of my life? My eyes finally heave open. The room is significantly dark, as if it were some backward hour of the night. I struggle to seek out the chocolate abyss of her gaze and find her standing there slightly illuminated by the moonlight; a vision much like some moon goddess you'd read about in an ancient book. By Jove it felt so nice just to see her again! Her gaze isn't on me though, it's concentrated on her fingers, which are too low down for me to see with the neck-brace. Suddenly she places something in my hand and closes my palm for me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it's a ring. I struggle to pry my mouth open but it won't move.

"I was going to leave you a note but..." she sighs, ending the sentence with a shrug before she turns around. I panic and try as hard as possible to wedge my mouth open

"Bye Hervé" she spits out, not even bothering to look back. Sadie!! Sadie!!!

"SADIE!!!" I finally manage to croak out. She freezes by the door, as if she heard me. Did she?

"Of course you'd pick now to wake up." I think I hear her grunt. She doesn't turn back though, she keeps walking, she walks all the way out of the room, and quite possibly my life.

"SADIE!!!!" I cry out louder. Maybe she didn't quite hear me!

"SADIE!!!!" I shout out into the night. Please don't leave me! I don't know what I did! I'm Sorry!!!

"I'M SORRY SADIE!!!" I cry after her, trying my best to push out of the bed! Please don't go my love! Please!

"PLEASE!!!" I moan into the night. Before I know it a bunch of nurses are running into the room and I'm trying to get them to stop her! To restrain her! To reason with her and bring her back! Do they listen? No! They're busy strapping me back on the bed and injecting more of the paralyser into me and telling me I need my rest. Rest? I don't need rest! I need Sadie and she's leaving me!

"SADIE!!!!!!" I shout as loud as I possibly can, before it all goes dark, the feel of the ring in my closed palm the only thing that crudely assures me I'm not having a nightmare.

She was gone.

**************** FIN****************

(aka The End)

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