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   Chapter 45 A Swallow's Ball 1

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"Am I doing it right?" I tease watching Sadie's eyes close as she groans in pleasure. It was washday and I was massaging the deep conditioner into her hair and scalp. She was sitting on the floor between my thighs

"You're distracting me." She coos softly

"I'm tired of talking about them." I admit watching her stifle a groan of pleasure

"Herve, I held you in my arms when they took Rothschild away. I saw first hand how it shattered you, and they must have known that it would... And you're telling me that one little dinner later you're best friends again?" She wonders softly, opening her eyes and pulling her head back so she can look into my eyes. In the two weeks since the dinner with my parents I've gotten Hughes, the apartment, rothscihld, the silver bullet and my bank account back from my parents. Just like that, the ban on the prodigal Herve McClure had been lifted and I was back to being Angelford. It was unreal, yet here I was still, because Sadie was home now and walking her was how I got home after work and I actually really liked working. Everything had changed, except it hadn't.

"You're my best friend, they are my parents." I clarify leaning all the way down to her lips. This is what that awkward spiderman kiss must have felt like

"I just want you to heal." She sighs as I untangle another part of her hair

"You're so protective." I chuckle watching her eyes open and stare right into mine. She doesn't say anything back, and the little girl in me blushes so deeply at that

"This is the part where you call me an idiot and such." I whisper softly back to her

"I'll always protect you." she states, still looking right into my eyes, causing my cheeks to go burgundy I guess. Fucking hell, she already had my soul in the palm of her hands

"even if it's from myself?" I sigh, the words slipping out of my mouth. What if I tell her that I was heavily on drugs when I instigated the Charlton impact? Would she forgive me if I said that?

"whew, I don't know Cabbage, that's a lot of responsibility to put on me." she lightly jibes. I want to get back to joking but something in me shatters at her reply, my soul still probably hanging from my eyes as I try to break our gaze but can't. Of course she notices this and turns around so we're facing each other, her palm provides the perfect bed for my head.

"I can't forgive you if you don't let me." she softly says, looking right into my eyes as she does. She leans up and presses her lips against mine. I try my best not to dive into her mouth as she pulls back

"Now finish with my hair so I can do yours." she brightly adds turning back around.


Angelford Manor, front entrance

"Great. You're here!" Mother shrieks running down the stairs towards us in a majestic gown that will give everything away. Sadie's eyes widen at the sight of her but mother trods on and pulls Sadie into her arms before stepping back to evaluate the orange coat Sadie had on and the princess braids on Sadie's hair

"never mind, I'll fix that." Mother mumbles grabbing Sadie's hand and pulling her back up the stairs. Sadie flashes me a look of confusion and I give her a wary smile and a shrug. She squints her eyes at me as mother pulls her all the way upstairs.

"You're not announcing your engagement in those rags either." Father announces from in front of the lounge's fireplace. His cigar points at a suit laid out on one of the chairs and I smile knowingly

"If I h

still staring at us from the sunken ballroom, clapping louder now at our little scene. I lead her down the steps... gold effluvium floating majestically behind her as we go.


"Dollface." Someone says to my right, that voice is familiar enough for my fist to curl

"Luke!!!" Sadie chimes happily. We had been hobnobbing in the crowd and she had only recognized Liesel, who was circling us in a kind of disbelief like a piranha shark breed bidding time. I could be imagining that though, she just seemed to be everywhere I turned... And now Luke... Who the hell was Luke!

"You look surprised to see me, as if I'd miss the chance to whisk you away from your own engagement party." He says as I bid Princess Eugenie excuse me and turn fully to Sadie's "Luke" who, just as my luck should have it, turns out to be Lucas Rowland earl of Whitlam.

"Engagement party?" I hear Sadie pry in shock

"We haven't got to that bit yet?" He wonders

"Whitlam, were you actually invited?" I greet him as Sadie's prying gaze turns to me as if to ask how we can have an engagement party when we weren't engaged.

"Always a pleasure to see you too AngelFord." Lucas says lifting his glass to me

"He and I were bestmates if you can believe that." He says to Sadie

"if you can give us just a minute." I say pulling Sadie away from him and towards the vertical garden where we can have some privacy

"Luke?" Inquire beside myself with a somewhat irrational possessiveness that I had no cure to! There were certain places that Sadie's voice could never go for other people beside me, least of all other men, most least of all the demon earl of Whitlam!

"Engagement party?" she retorts. I can't read her face and the way she says it sounds more like bewilderment than rage. I step closer to her, the lights into the garden dimming to the violet fairy lights shaped in a giant heart behind us. Her eyes widen at the advancement.

"I would have liked to ask your parents first, but I think I learnt the hard way that yours is the most important answer here." I state watching her lower lip quiver

"You're going to propose??" she whispers in shock

"I am proposing right now." I point out

"He's proposing right now." she softly repeats to herself as if incapable of understanding the notion

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