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   Chapter 44 Questions

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How naive had I been bringing her here the day after that conversation with mother. When exactly had it happened? When Father and her were walking ahead of us into the manor? Through some complex female interaction between her and mother that I didn't catch on to? Was it written on her burger? On her dessert? Was there some note that was passed about under the table? I try and calm my nerves by taking in the coconut and tropics smell of her hair.

"I was going to tell you..." I swear with all my heart. Please don't leave me. Please.

Find some way of manipulating her into staying with you Herve! Plot your way into her forgiveness!

"What exactly were you going to say? That you live on the set of Pride and Prejudice? That this thing between us was just the 21st century version of the princess and the pea? Like some... twisted I don't know... hunger games I was involuntarily cast into? The Wife Games! Last standing pledge gets to marry Herve McClure! All you have to do is not want to date him in the first place, lightly accept his stalking..." she is angrily stating

To admit I'm taken aback by what she was saying would be the absolute truth, but the overwhelming emotion I had was not the shock and relief that she didn't know about the Charlton Impact, yes it was there, but mainly, mainly it was a realization of how deeply I loved this naive little angel. Fuck! She's so fucking precious! I can't lose her! I won't lose her!

"Stop looking at me like that!" she growls at me, squirming hard underneath me. I can tell if her hand was free she would have either slapped me or pushed my face away

"Like what?" I softly pry adoring the angelic shits out of her. She frowns and glares at me, intent on keeping the argument going

"Stop looking at me like that!!" she reiterates turning her gaze to another part of the room. I don't know what she's talking about!

"Like what??" I pry again, pressing my nose against her angry cheek. She might be my pumpkin butt but she always smelled like a tropical fruit platter or the garden the fruit grew in.

"I'm still mad at you!" she reminds me haughtily. At least I think it's me she's talking to because she's facing the fireplace

"Sadie, there's no Wife Games." I swear softly to her watching her frown soften at the announcement

"I fell in love with you and my parents disapproved. It's an old story but it's really that simple." I vow putting my face in front of hers so she can see the sincerity in my eyes. If she knew who I was before she met me she would know how ridiculous a concept The Wife Games is! She squints her eyes at me

"So this wasn't some kind of test of character to see if I'll run because I was in it for the money?" she inquires though her voice has lost the edge of accusation it previously had

"You don't care about money. I knew that from the start." I sigh smiling at her

"What I want you to say, Herve, is that this isn't some twisted game you royals were playing to test my suitability to join your family." she sighs tightly at me. I take in a deep breath and fight the urge to kiss her

"I can only speak for myself. To be honest I don't know what the hell is going on with my parents. So if you do find out that they disinherited me and abandoned me as part of some twisted Wife Games, please know that I wasn't privy to it." I vow. What I was in on, was the Charlton Impact, which I g

to keep them open as I unhinge parts of her body and soul that belonged to me now...only me.


"What does that mean, your mum's a peach?" I inquire watching her swing above the aquarium in the indoor vertical garden room. She wanted some ice cream to wash down the poison my parents potentially put in our food, and I would have gone to fetch some for her if I wasn't afraid I'd return to find her murdered. Something like insomnia had hit us, or rather I'd been struck with some advanced form of nostalgia and kept her up with stories about the house and my childhood when her hunger struck so we went together and I gave her a small tour of sorts.

"Oh, it just means she's the whole cabbage." she shrugs naughtily, sticking the spoon of coconut and stracciatella ice cream into her mouth.

Let me tell you why the love of my life calls me cabbage. We were playing charades with the boys and of course Sadie and I were on the same team and winning. I was trying to guess what she was gesturing and so far I had two out of the three words The and Whole. This is where our accounts differ. According to Sadie she was reenacting receiving, signing for and opening a package but to me it seemed like some kind of farm routine and what I would imagine would be unpeeling a cabbage. So I somewhat incorrectly assumed that the phrase was "the whole cabbage." and she's made fun of me for that since.

"So she'll like me then?" I pry slightly worried.

I'd never had to be great with parents. All the nobles knew each other and for those who weren't nobles then the fact that I was one was impressive enough. If Sadie didn't bother to care about my ancestry, I could only imagine how unimpressive it would be to her parents, which meant I actually had to... be great... or something. You can tell I have never had to worry about parents from my current predicament; that I was married to a woman who didn't know we were married and whose parents I had neither met nor asked for her hand from.

"No offense cabbage, but you take some getting used to, so I don't think you'll be an immediate hit with her." She shrugs brightly. I gasp dramatically

"Are you saying it wasn't love at first sight for you?" I inquire gripping my heart

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