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   Chapter 43 Dinner and A Movie

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"Sadie McClure what have you done to me!" I teasingly reprimand her as I watch her stretch lazily on the bed

"Me?! I'm the one with the sore limbs and the funny walk!" she protests huskily

"And this voice!" she adds hoarsely

"Well I was just trying to have an intimate dinner with my wife so you can imagine the trepidation I felt when you decided to not wear a damn thing!" I point out. She rolls her eyes at my mock sense of injustice

"And this morning?" she dryly inquires

"I was just trying to wake up when you rolled over in bed and impaled yourself on my dick. I tried to save you but the bed was very slippery." I shrug brightly

"And the kitchen?" she challenges me

"You seemed flustered, like maybe you were having an allergic reaction to breakfast so I thought I'd take your temperature with my dick." I innocently explain

"And the shower?" she sighs

"You said you were sore. I was just massaging you...with my dick." I wink at her as she rolls her eyes

"And how did we end up on the bed again?" she inquires

"It's actually a funny story that." I reply kissing her cheek

"is it?" she prods

"Yeah... you see my wife had this hilarious idea that she could just hop her way to her afternoon class, and she was wearing this skirt and no panties because she was sore down there from all the help I'd been giving her." I chuckle softly

"You sure do love to help." she chides me

"well you'd have helped too if you saw that ass in that skirt. You're lucky I had some decorum and didn't bang you right up against the door. I'd have fucked you right off it's hinges the way you make me crave you." I whisper hotly into her ear just as my phone rings

"Sadie..." I sigh blissfully, pressing my lips against hers

"Herve." she breathes out when I release her lips

"You're stuck with me for the rest of your life. I hope you know that." I vow amorously watching her eyes meet mine and her lips stretch into a smile

"That's a goddamn shame. I was hoping I'd end up with some overachieving black guy I could sing kumbaya with." she lightly chuckles

"Not a chance in hell or Nottingham!" I vow pressing her nose against mine.

"Maybe you should pick up your phone." she sighs as I realize it was still ringing. I grunt and turn to it "and order us some lunch while you're at it." she adds

I didn't have the heart to tell her it was four in the afternoon, but I'd be the first to admit I was hungry too. It was mother calling. I'm shocked for a few seconds before I remember that we'd spoken yesterday and promised to have dinner today.

"I have to take this." I grunt sliding out of bed and towards the kitchen

"Hello Mother." I sigh, ready to cancel the dinner plans

"Herve! I've been trying to reach you all day! I'm in a slight panic I'm afraid and neither Anatole or your father are being of any help!" she cries into the phone

"And what might you be in a panic about?" I yawn

"What's Sadie's favourite food? Is she allergic to anything? Should I cook something traditionally American like... I don't know... green eggs and ham... or traditionally British like a tikka or curry or pie or pudding? Should I send the chopper for you or is that too showy and I should just let you drive down? What kind of music should I play? Where should we have the dinner outside in the garden or inside in the greenery or by the balcony? You know... and should I send her the dress or is that too much?" she investigates

I take in a deep breathe and turn my gaze to the bedroom. I hadn't quite gotten around to telling Sadie about the dinner plans, but we were both hungry and Mother only got like this when she was really trying.

"Send the chopper and the dress, I'll text you our address right now. Green eggs and ham isn't American by the way. Tell Gabrielle that Sadie would adore her cheddar-stuffed burgers with pickled slaw and shallots or her easy roast salmon with the mustard greens. Play some soft jazz and the green dining room would be the best place for dinner mother, wouldn't it?" I say making the decision for us. Sadie and I were going to have this dinner with my parents, even though I clearly hadn't thought it through. Mother sighs in relief

"send me your address." she says

By the time I'm done with mother and heading back into the bedroom, Sadie is knocked out from our feral activities. I decide that I will shower, prepare her a soothing bath, get the dress and then tell her about dinner on our way to the chopper. One look at her pouting in her sleep and I need a goddamn icebucket shower if we're going to make it out of this house.

"Pumpkin butt." I whisper pressing the rose against her lips. She sleepily kisses the rose and then mumbles something

"Pumpkin butt, wake up. I've got you a rose water bath to soothe you." I whisper. Fuck I adore this woman! She sighs and opens her eyes lazily, smiling when she sees me

"Are you creepily watching me sleep cabbage?" she wonders brightly as she

d of public address on my personality

"Alright. I think we ought to retire for the night before Winston Churchill here asks us to go to war." I interrupt him, kissing Sadie's cheek again

"I suppose we should but it's much too dull for you to fly off now so how about you sleep in and can be on your way tomorrow? Rosie's setting up your room as we speak." Mother announces, and though she is being perfectly sensible and it does seem most certainly impossible for a copter to fly in this misty hell we're in, I'm slightly more concerned that I don't remember how to sleep without Sadie in my arms. I'm not spending the night away from her if it can be helped!

"It's short notice I understand and we haven't made provisions for you Sadie I'm afraid." Mother adds

"I'll provide for her." I state perhaps more strongly than the conversation calls for

"And I can have some clothes sent for you in the morning then." Mother adds as Father gives me a naughty smile I don't even want to confer about

"now that's settled then. I suppose we'll meet for breakfast at the greenery?" father asks standing up and directing that question to me, the devilish smile still on his face. By Jove father I am not going to indulge your inquiry into our sex life! Though part of me wants to tell him that Sadie can barely walk in the mornings if last night was anything to go bye. Dammit! I'm returning his devilish smile! I can feel my lips do it

"I'll carry Sadie there." I hear myself saying as I too stand up

"Shall we pumpkin?" I turn to her scandalized face and offer as father chuckles triumphantly and I try to regret my intentions


"That went inexplicably well!" I say kicking my door open and then closed behind us

"Dude! What the actual fuck!?!" Sadie replies.

Had I hauled her over my shoulder in front of my parents and carried her to our room? Yes. But that was barely reason to chastise me that way. I throw her on my bed and then climb on top of her

"I just want you to myself! You've been mucking about with everyone at this party but me!" I pout playfully. She rolls her eyes at me

"I didn't want to come to this party. I was tricked here!" she reminds me

"Is that how it happened?" I wonder lightly

"You tricked me into coming to a fucking castle Herve McClure!" Sadie growls softly at me. I smile adoringly at her

"Pet, you're being dramatic. This is barely a manor." I shrug

"And your parents were suddenly nice and respectful and...funny..." she adds in an accusatory tone

"Shocked the hats out of me too!" I chime in.

I mean I've seen Father talk to dignitaries with much less sugar in his mouth! Today he was on some level of charm that quite frankly gave me reason to think my charms weren't an inborn talent but a genetic trait!

"Get off me, I need my phone." Sadie decides after a pensive silence

"No. I need at least two hours of intimate conversation and seven hours of skin to skin contact before you leave me again." I declare stiffly. She rolls her eyes at this and then shuts her eyes, She is definitely annoyed at me!

"Herve..." she sighs after some silence

"Pumpkin butt." I reply pressing my head beside her face and pressing my nose into her hair

"Was this all a sick game?" she inquires flatly

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