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   Chapter 42 Underneath the Coat

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"Pumpkin?" I call out in the dark apartment. I thought she said she was heading home without me

"Just a sec." she calls out in the dark as well.

"Why are the lights off?" I wonder feeling for the light switch by the wall

"because it's a surprise." she shouts back when suddenly a soft light drifts in and it's Blue and purple.

"Did you get the take-out?" she inquires as I wander towards her voice

"Yeah 29 and 31 with the double dark chocolate for desert just the way we like it." I reveal heading towards the kitchen space which is where her voice was coming from. Before I can reach it though, the door flies open and she walks out, slightly startled to find me there. She recovers and smiles up at me

"Hi cabbage." she coos lovingly

"Hello pumpkin." I sigh like the enamored fool I am, reaching into her hair and releasing the loose curls. I liked her hair wild and free, though I had watched her many times as she fought the curls into a bun for some reason or the other.

"If you'd been a few more minutes you'd have found it all set up." she sighs walking past me towards the dining with the plates in her hand. I want to lean in and kiss her, especially with that shade of red on her lips but she's gone before I can do anything about it.

"And what's the occasion?" I wonder

The woman was in heels and a long coat and her hair had been tied before I rescued it and her make-up was on so it was natural that I assume we were going somewhere, or someone was coming to us. She smiles cheekily at me, so I put the takeout on the table and pull her into my arms

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." she shrugs brightly

"What if I made this face?" I pry pouting down at her. She chuckles softly and pinches my cheek

"It's a surprise." she says slipping out of my arms and towards the stereo. Jazz starts playing softly

"Shall we eat?" she inquires taking a seat and pouring me some scotch

"Shouldn't I help you out of your coat first?" I wonder. If I could see what kind of dress she's wearing then I'd know exactly where we were going after this meal. From the shoes I was thinking somewhere too fancy to let her in with her usual sneakers. Those wonderfully purple kitten heels couldn't be for just staying in the house! And since when did she own a pair of heels?

She looks perfectly scandalized by my suggestion that she remove her coat

"The coat's fine." she assures me, but I'd already caught whiff of the scandal in her face

"I insist. Let me help you out of your coat pumpkin." I urge her, walking towards her. She hops out of her chair

"No! Umm, I need it." she assures me

"What for? I can turn on the heater if you're feeling chilly." I say trying to pull her into my arms

"I just... ummm, I like it on." she nervously says.

"How about this, you take off the coat and we can have a civil dinner and you can surprise me." I wager her.

"Why do you want it off right now?" she pries

"Because Sadie, the curiosity is doing improper things to me." I warn her in her ear. At this point even if it was a nun's habit under there my mind had already traveled too far.

"And you promise to have a civil dinner after I remove the coat?" she wonders biting her lower lip.

She gasps at how hard I am. My dick print was definitely pushing against my pants. I knew it wasn't going to be like she's naked or lingerie. In all truth it was probably one of those murder dresses that I would still want to graze my teeth through; but as long as that coat was on I couldn't concentrate.

"I promise." I vow smiling devilishly down at her

"I don't believe you." she decides stepping away from me "Or you!" she says to my dick. I chuckle softly at this as I grab the belt of the coat and pull her right back

"I promise pumpkin. We'll be very very good and eat dinner with no questions asked after you remove this coat." I vow

She slaps my hand off the belt and offers me a seat. She puts the takeout on the plate and then takes in a deep breath, reaching for the belt of the dress.

"What happens if you break your promise?" she suddenly asks. At this point this almost feels like a striptease that I'm too invested in. You'd think I'd be wiser from the two months of blue balls but really I'm not.

"I'll sleep out on the balcony for a week." I vow seriously.

She smiles at this "And you'll do the dishes for the entire week too." she adds as if she was sure I'd break my promise and she wanted to get the most out of it.

"I will." I agree. She seems to be thinking up something else

"And what do I get if I'm a good boy?" I investigate before she has me serving her lunch at the law school like I'm Hughes or something

"Then you can have as much of the surprise as you want." she says, her hands dropping from the belt. I frown at that and reach for the belt myself. This time she doesn't fight as I untie it and the coat falls apart

"Holy queen mother of great fucks on a fucking bicycle to Dundee!" I curse.

The wench shrugs the coat off the rest of her body, whirls about to give me the whole view and then takes a seat beside me.

^^ Sadie's outfit

^^ Sadie's outfit

"You like it?" she pries digging into her Goong Chu Chee. I immediately start to think of my options. Sleeping on the b

A thunderous volt travels from the tip of my dick to the base of my stomach and violently tightens. My eyes widen at that. Fuck she's so tight a groan escapes from deep in my throat as if to relieve some of the tension at the base of my stomach. She moans into my kiss as I desperately push in deeper, stretching her out in ways her body has never experienced before. There were nerves getting excited that I didn't even know I had, and now the base of my stomach was a violent buzz. She sighs lustily as I pull out and the cusses when I push back in. I groan at the reverberating pleasure, something deep within cracks wider, giving me the impression of fresh air after a lifetime imprisonment underground. I try to take it slow but her fingers dig into the back of my neck and her lips attach to my shoulder and her muffled heated cries of pleasure and the tight, wet and brave way she was taking me inside her, the way my body felt electric pulses of pleasure with each thrust, the way the violent buzz turned thunderous and the fresh air hit parts of my soul... a man can only hold himself back through so much. Before I knew it she was holding on to me for dear life and huskily pleading into the side of my neck, her body so soft and open to me I was tempted to rip the goddamn thing she'd worn because I was craving skin...her skin, her skin was the only thing, I was convinced, that could save me from the thunderous volts that were ripping something in me apart from the inside.

I had her left thigh in a vice grip as I burrowed my way further and further into her, the thunder was getting stronger, more violent, there was a gaping hole now, where they'd been a crack, as if someone had carefully sliced my spine in half to let out all the fucking ill of the world and let me rest. Mercilessly I was ploughing an orgasm and then two and then three out of her, kissing the velveteen moans out of her chocolate throat and following them out of her mouth, digging deeper into the deep warm liquid cavern of her every time her shudders tried to push me away, looking into her eyes as she became unhinged. I knew I was pushing her but I couldn't stop myself, the thunder wouldn't let me, and she wouldn't let me either, she would unhinge, try and push me away from how sensitive she was and then discover some new form to unhinge to, and I couldn't help but want to see her orgasm until she couldn't any more, it fluffed the fuck out of my heart. unhinged... maybe that was what she was doing to me as well, maybe that was what the nerves and the thunder and the crack that was running up my spine really was. By the time I was hitting heights I'd never reached before she was passing out from the pleasure and I was pretty sure I had just astral projected out of my body and into heaven.

I study her as I catch my breathe. She lay there, her skin glowing from the heat and the sweat, slightly bruised from where my hands or lips had clung to along her neckline. My frantic breath was fanning her face but she was gone, her breathing even, her eyes shut, no reply to the fact that I was still inside her, throbbing and sensitive and dazed out of my fucking mind. I slowly slide out and peel off the lingerie, admiring her as I did. I don't know how I got here to be honest, but I'll spend lifetimes being grateful for it, I think to myself as I lay my head against her chest and close my eyes. I don't think we'll be going anywhere for a while. Cancel the world and all its machinations! I have to make love to my wife!

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