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   Chapter 41 Crash Course in Libertine Living

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 7048

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"I'll be honest, I didn't think you would last this long without our help

"I'll be honest, I didn't think you would last this long without our help." Mother says looking about my office as if she expected some kind of animal to pop up and attack her.

Before you jump into conclusions let me clear a few things up. Its been nine of the greatest weeks of my life (nine weeks, two days and eleven hours since the Love Madness but who's counting). I passed my test and started my consultancy as an actuary (Mavericks ltd). Sadie is still in law school despite what this woman and her husband tried to pull at the law school department. Am I a love-struck fool whose friends don't know what to do with him? Ask Knispchild and Hedley and they'll tell you they are just about ready to kidnap Sadie themselves in a bid to save me from her charms. Can I be saved? I doubt it.

"and yet here I am." I reply lifting a brow at her. I didn't expect and hadn't planned on seeing mother or her ilk for sometime, and judging from her outfit she was expected at or from some kind of charity dinner or lunch. She perches on my desk gracefully, a glint of worry in her eyes as she looks me over.

"How are you holding up Herve?" she inquires. I can't help but beam at her

"I'm very happy mother." I assure her.

"Well you look like several trains ran you over and you have amnesia." she decides.

The nerve of her coming here after all she's put Sadie and I through is astounding. I smile wider, thinking of Sadie. She must be waiting for me to pick her up from class for our walk home. Yes, I said walk. In the past two months not only did my parents strip me of the bullet, Hughes' services and several amenities previously owed to me by virtue of my relation to them (even my horse Rothschild); they tried to get Sadie and myself shunned by anyone they were in their power to have do so. A number of people have turned down lucrative business consultancies by me because of it, closed doors in my face when I went for appointments (doctors, private members clubs, charities and that kind of stuff) more have turne

n." Mother responds softly

"It wasn't easy for me to manipulate her either. She's has several minds of her own." I shrug before my phone dings. Speak of the devil

Cabbage, I'm just going to head home without you. I have a thing to get ready for. Grab some takeaway from our spot on your way in.XXX

I smile at that and look up at my mother

"Listen. Despite the crazy space this started from, I genuinely love this woman. Somewhere in the middle of all the scheming and planning and manipulating I actually fell in love. I might have picked her for all the wrong reasons, but I'm staying with her for all the right ones. Even if I don't deserve her and the happiness she gives me; I'm keeping it and her for as long as I can." I sigh like the lovelorn fool that I am. Mother nods her head in acknowledgement

"Well we can't keep fighting each other. We're family." she states and then sighs

"So what I'm going to do is talk to your father. We can all have dinner tomorrow, you, Sadie... your father and I. You can bring her home and we will start anew and we can work towards putting all this behind us." she states standing up.

"I mean... I know we have a lot to apologize for." she mumbles before walking to the door and standing there. Of course she was waiting for me to open it for her. I let her out and kiss her cheek. I can't wait to tell Sadie about this and see what she thinks.

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