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   Chapter 40 Love Actuary

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 6094

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'Is this the part where I ask what the plan is?' she pries holding me back by my shoulders.

We've done nothing but kiss and caress each other the since we got here, reliving and relieving our bodies from the unexpected vacation we had lent them. I grunt and look up into the eyes of the woman straddling me on her couch

'do you really want to do that now?' I huskily pry

'there's no way I'm risking my heart, mind, body and soul in this if it's only momentarily.' She crisply replies

'when you say body what do you mean?' I teasingly probe

'We'll have to find out.' She coos rubbing up against my crotch in that motion I was dying to take out on her. I feel my leg overwhelmed with numbness, probably fainting from the possibility being afforded to it

'Sweet Jesus!!' I hiss loudly

'Now what's the plan?' she reiterates.

What motivation she gives I don't question, because right there came the most important scheme I had to ever machinate!! The most important; keeping Sadie as mine!

"Well I rent out my place..." I start, watching her eyebrows lift on her face

"Umm..." she starts

"And move in here with you." I finish the sentence waiting for her to object. To my surprise she sighs in relief and grabs her heart

"I really like my place. I don't think I'm ready to move out, no offense." she breathes

"So you have no problem with me moving in?" I wonder. I was ready for an argument about that

"Well Paige and Connor live together." she shrugs. I can't help but chuckle at that.

"And we managed to not kill each other over the week in Scotland." I remind her.

I didn't quite realize how seamless living together had been until that moment when I didn't know which home to drive to.

"Step two is we take that blank cheque you left me, open an actuarial consultancy with it fo

'What would you like it to be like?' I probe sliding to her side and hauling her into my arms

'I've never really thought about it. I was hoping I wouldn't be there when it happened.' She lightly reveals

'I want you to be there when it happens.' I assure her

'you do?' she pries looking into my eyes as we rub noses

'Of course. I want you to be there. And I want an orchestra to be playing something lovely in the back ground. I want you to open the door and find flowers lining the way to the bed, which is going to be lined in expensive silks. I want to be right there in nothing but my briefs and a lily in my mouth like I'm a matador. And you will walk to me, let me help you out of your clothes as I kiss and caress the perfection of your sculpt, candles showing our shadows as I warm you up for what's to come tenderly and then when you can have no more I will finally sear into the depths of you and inculcate ecstasy into your every atom.' I decide huskily.

She looks at me with a smile 'you're a romantic!' she chuckles softly

'I am unfortunately. It's an acquired taste don't you think?' I prod lightly 'I think it suits you.' She decides

'it wears you better.' I coo smiling at her

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