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   Chapter 39 Highland High Ness

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"Mrs Ness." I chuckle breathlessly lifting her into my arms "Mr. Ness" she laughs as I carry her into the little cottage. We'd headed to a photo studio and then had a small reception at a local pub. The owner Gallahad was more than happy to play us some Etta James and some of his favourite love songs as long as we stayed. Callum had taken some photos at the ceremony but he'd assured me he wasn't a professional and they might all be absolutely horrible.

"I'm sorry there were no doves and crabs and candles." I sigh smiling blissfully at her. She rolls her eyes "What a husband you're turning out to be." she jibes affectionately.

It's a good thing I plan on being the best and only one you'll ever have. I decide silently, setting her on the bed. I plan on keeping you forever Sadie. No matter what it takes.

"So what now, Mr. Ness?" She wonders jumping up and down on the bed. I join her immediately, pulling her into my arms for a dance

"Now we honeymoon." I shrug

"And what if I'm still not ready to honeymoon?" she inquires trying to push me away

"I meant my vows Sadie. I possibly have hundreds of lives to love you again. I think I can wait." I assure her.

Of course I was hoping I didn't have to wait, but I also didn't want her first time to be something she felt she had to do. I needed her to need me as much as I need her. I'd spent most of last night thinking up a plan. We were going to spend the weekend here, in whatever crazy state of sexual frustration she had no qualms leaving me in, and then head back to DroughFox on Sunday night.

I could lie and say we went around the town hand in hand doing cutesy couple things

I could lie and say we went around the town hand in hand doing cutesy couple things. The truth however is that all Sadie knew intimately of the town was the kitchen cou

t and pulling another one out

"People are looking at us." she chuckles softly

"Once they realize that I am going to propose to you with each onion ring in this bag, they'll get bored and look away." I assure her as she laughs some more

"Well I'm sorry to tell you sir but I'm already kind of married." she states showing me her bejeweled finger

"Well point me in his direction and I'll sort him out." I decide pecking her lips

"You have the most delicious lips in the history of mankind." I sigh adoringly.

Part of me wants to call father and tell him I'm married. Tell him I am right on track to having that child a year before he and mother had me. Well... if a child was what my Sadie wanted at this point. Our child would have to be just as beautiful as her! A girl! I think I want a girl!

"Now you're just creepily smiling up at me while on one knee." she cuts into my thoughts. I reach into the bag of onion rings and pull one out "Sadie Weema, will you be my wife?" I propose offering it to her. She leans forward and eats the onion rings right out of my hand. I grunt softly at that

"So you're plan is to sexually frustrate me to death?" I wonder huskily as she laughs

Look at my wife!

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