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   Chapter 38 Mr and Mrs Ness

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 7190

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"Sadie! Get in the car!" I demand

I had to come get her myself because frankly, I wasn't sure she'd be here. Just as I wasn't sure she'd actually come if it was Callum picking her up.

"Ness?" Sadie wonders rolling her eyes at me

"Ness." I confirm. It fit as a last name. It was short and peculiar.

"So I'm Paige Ness and you're Connor Ness?" she asks in that way that suggested I was out of my mind

"And we're husband and wife." I remind her triumphantly

"Ness like the loch Ness monster?" she dryly says

"You said you could only love me if you were more than my girlfriend. Now you're going to be." I point out.

Yes I admit this was a little crazy! But I had spent most of the morning convincing her this was the right thing to do and the rest of the day planning for it and talking Callum and Maisie and the town and the priest into this! This was all part of my plan to keep Sadie by my side no matter what my mother or father for that matter, tried.

"Sadie, get in the car!" I huff impatiently, not sure father Moireach was going to wait for us. Perhaps I was a bit tetchy because of all the running around I had been doing.

If she didn't look so damn gorgeous I would toss her in the car myself! She looks at the car and then back at me and then at the car. What a sight we must be! She was in an ice blue wedding gown (the only one I could find that she would like at such short notice) and I couldn't really find a tuxedo so I was in a dinner shirt and slacks both in black. Maisie had been so moved by my story of our vow renewal that she had made a flower crown for Sadie, who had spent most of the evening making sure she looked like she just dropped off a star I had once wished on when I was a wee lad. Yet here we were arguing over our last name!

Yet here we were arguing over our last name!

"I already told them our last name was Ness. There's no changing it now!" I reiterate and she sighs

"What a husband you're turning out to be, making these type of decisions without your wife." she grumbles pulling her dress about her and getting into the car. A soft happiness sneaks up my cheeks when she calls h

ith the marriage blessing

In times past it was believed that the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the cardinal directions; East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition that a blessing is offered in support of this ceremony.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the East.

Communication of the heart, mind, and body

Fresh beginnings with the rising of each Sun.

The knowledge of the growth found in the sharing of silences.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the South.

Warmth of hearth and home

The heat of the heart's passion

The light created by both to illuminate the darkest of times.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the West.

The deep commitments of the lake The swift excitement of the river

The refreshing cleansing of the rain

The all encompassing passion of the sea.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the North

Firm foundation on which to build

Fertility of the fields to enrich your lives

A stable home to which you may always return.

Each of these blessings emphasizes those things which will help you build a happy and successful union.

Yet they are only tools.

Tools which you must use together in order to create what you seek in this union.

I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Ness. You may kiss the bride.

He didn't have to tell me to kiss her, I already was.

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