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   Chapter 37 Midnight Mornings

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 8956

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I'd be a downright liar with my arse out the window if I said I grabbed some shuteye. It was all well and beautiful that Sadie could sleep in my arms as she did, all protected and satiated. I couldn't even shut my eye to blink without picturing her riding me into worlds she wasn't ready to discover. If I had craved her before, it was worse now that I knew the details, now that I knew how far her legs could spread to accommodate me and how high her voice could go in pleasure and the exact shade of chocolate of the in of her thigh. I couldn't get the texture and taste of her skin off my tongue. I was like a kid who'd tasted candy for the first time! She'd cuddled safely into me at some point, clearly having forgotten all her shame and objection to our elopement. We ought to start a whole entire life here in the highlands, just me and her.

She sleepily stretches her leg over me as I watch for the dawn. I smile and caress her bare arse. I can't say I ever thought a morning would come like this, with me lying here sure as the devil that the lass in my arms was meant for me. Here I was though, and here she was, and there was the first hints of the sun on our coattail. I press my lips against her forehead tenderly and then slide a hand between her parted thighs. She oughn't trust me so freely my Sadie. I am still a man of flesh and bone. A man who had lost sleep over her half-naked form. She groans sleepily as I gently flick her clit. I massage her into a woken frenzy and just when she is wide awake and confused with pleasure, I push a finger into her. She cries out in shock and pleasure. I kiss her cheek

"Did you dream about me baby?" I pry tenderly, working my finger out and then back in.

She opens her mouth as if to say something but all that comes out is a soft moan as her eyes close. I close my mouth on hers, my fingers working her into a desperation. Her hips start to meet my hands as I tease the orgasm out of her. Again she tries to hold it back. Again I reach into her and untie her defenses.

"Do it for me Sadie." I urge her, pumping faster as she cries out and digs her fingers into my chest. She sinks her teeth into my shoulder softly, trying to fight it back. She was so tight I couldn't fit two fingers in! She was so wet my tongue was thirsting for the taste of her.

"You are mine! Do you understand that Sadie?" I grunt possessively, pushing her over the edge and into a soft bliss. "Your heart, your soul, your body. All of you is meant for me!" I declare kissing her firmly on her lips. I wait for her to open her eyes so she can watch me lick my dripping finger. She scrunches her face and hits me when I sink my hand back ont

the window followed swiftly by an angrily mumbling love of my life climbing out of what could possibly be our bathroom window. Not only is she in Maisie's long unseemly dress and Callum's cardigan, she's barefoot and softly cussing me out as she takes each laboured step down the wall.

"fucking mama's boy!" I pick out as I try to decide if I'm fascinated, angry or scared for her. The hotel had only two floors, the ground and first floor, so it wasn't such a distance down.

"Prince charming looking ass spoiled brat with no ambitions in life!" she mumbles as I step out from under the porch. Perhaps in the dawn's darkness she doesn't see me because she continues her tirade

"Stupid blue eyes!" she adds as I reach up, grab her by the waist and haul her over my shoulder.

She screams, sure she was falling, before holding on tighter to the sheet and towel contraption she was trying to use to run away from me! She kicks, swings and fumbles so violently that we somehow end up on the ground with the skirts of her dress over her face and me on top of her. She growls and cusses, trying to fight me as I clear the skirt from her face and smile menacingly down at her. My smile drops when I see that she'd been crying. I lean into her lips and softly kiss her, she turns her face away from me as I breath "mine" softly into the thin space between our lips. I sigh

"I believe you." I decide.

Her gaze cautiously drifts to me as she pouts.

"And I have a way to both stop mother from tearing us a part and prove that I love, trust and believe in you." I add. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she turns to me fully It's not even 5 a.m yet and we've almost torn the entire hotel apart. Maybe this is a conversation best had in the privacy of the honeymoon suite.

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