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   Chapter 36 Finding Neverland

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 7377

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"Herve" she moans softly, pushing me off her gently

"I won't do anything you don't want me to." I promise her, taking her lips into my mouth again. I still had my boxers on but she was absolutely naked in the bathtub! My hand rounds her back onto her breast, massaging the mound as she sighs softly into my mouth. She felt so right! Her skin felt like the only skin I wanted to touch for the rest of my life! She bites onto my lip as I pinch that perfect chocolate nipple I wanted in my mouth so badly, arching her back in pleasure. I push her hair back and nibble her earlobe, making my way down the side of her neck with my tongue and lips and teeth as she groans. My hand sinks lower down her stomach. She gasps, her back arching further as if to welcome me. Just before I reach under her belly button, I turn towards her hipbone and her thigh, digging my nails softly into her skin. She moans softly at that as I pull her thigh over my hip and run my fingers through the in of her thigh. I'm pleasantly surprised when she sinks her hands into my hair, pulls my head back and kisses me; deeply. It's a kiss of such hunger and longing I almost forget she's never done this before. I almost lose my boxers and dive right into her! Almost! I would have too if her body didn't make a little jump when my tented boxers met her swollen clit.

She gasps from the sensation, her eyes opening wide.

"Umm..." she starts to say, as if she didn't expect that I'd have an erection while holding the most beautiful naked woman in my arms

"It's ok." I promise her again

"I'm not ready." she whispers biting onto her lower lip

"I know, and it's ok. I love you." I whisper back, taking her lips into mine.

She makes a small scream as my hand touches her clit. I dive for her neck as she groans in pleasure. I touch her again, flicking her gently. She shudders and moans. She's so beautifully sensitive my Sadie. I kiss her chin and flick her again, watching the same groan and jump her body makes.

" So that's what this button does." I cheekily say making her jump repeatedly. There was so much heat between us I felt a kind of pleasure making her cry out. This was MY Sadie after all and I wanted ever

the love-heart shape they'd made off the duvet. The cardigan lifts further up her thigh as if to remind me that I hadn't tasted her skin in the bathtub while something that belonged to another man had.

"You know what... why wait for tomorrow?!" I grunt grabbing the little woman.

I was going to kiss every bit of her skin and suck the living daylights out of her. And then I was going to finish myself off and try sleep. There was a hint of rose now added to the chocolate and plum of her skin. She cried out helplessly as I explored every inch of her I had ever been curious about with my tongue and my lips. I made sure I knew the weight of each of her breasts and just how to lick the thin of her skin under it. I explored her stomach and the in of her thigh and found just how much pressure she liked being sucked off at. I knew her scent and her taste by heart, in the dark and possibly for a lifetime by the time she'd blacked out from the pleasure. I knew things about her voice and the noises she made and the way she curled her toes and grabbed onto things and bit onto her lip. It pained me so much to not be inside her, but this wasn't just about me. After I came, I pulled her sleeping form into my arms and watched her slumber peacefully. I couldn't help but smile at how adorable and flustered she looked. There will be nights more passionate than this.

Is it eloping if you kidnap the other person?

Is it eloping if you kidnap the other person?

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