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   Chapter 35 Hook Line Sinker

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For reasons that are beyond my understanding, Sadie doesn't try to swim. She just lies limply in my arms as the cold water covers us and drags us deeper down. I turn to her with a concerned gaze. Would she rather drown than admit that she loved me? I tighten my grip on her waist and try my best to swim towards the air and the shore, against her fighting me. By the time we're both lying under a tree, cold, wet and thanks to my hand, bound together, she is quietly sobbing. I cuddle her into my arms. She tries to fight back but she's too weak, or maybe in shock.

"Sadie." I whisper softly, kissing her cold forehead

"You almost killed me you sick fuck!" she stutters

"Now we're even I guess." I chuckle kissing her forehead again.

"The thought of you leaving me though..." I sigh leaning into those soft lips. They tasted better each time I kissed her!

She softly kisses me back. It's a gentle brush against my lips that sends shivers down my already cold spine

"Are you alright?" a fisherman asks us from his boat. I pull back and spot him studying us like we were a curiosity. We must be if he saw everything!

"HELP ME!" Sadie shouts weakly

"It seems we might be in a spot of trouble." I say muffling her shout in my chest.

"Och! That was some dive you took there!" he agrees bringing the boat closer to us

"We didn't quite know there was a lake at the edge of the woods. Did we darling?" I agree turning to Sadie, who wants to bite my tit off from the look on her face

"Cummoan. I was just heading back home. I'll grab you a fire and some warm clothes.Can't be any good being wet out here with this weather. Its chunkin the day" he prods bringing his boat to shore

"We'd be grateful for that." I assure him lifting Sadie into my arms and heading towards the boat

"Heid doon arse up!" he urges us

"Callum." he introduces himself "Connor, and this is my wife Paige." I introduce us, chuckling gently at the names. Sadie makes to protest but for all we know those names could be our freedom! We could start a life here and fish and pick kebabs from the trees or whatever!I discretely remove the jacket Sadie was wearing, the one that was whatsoever his name's and drop it into the lake as Sadie protests.

"Nice to meet you Connor. Are you from here then?" Callum wonders eyeing Sadie curiously. Of course she's not.

"No. We got into a bit of

lpless individual I have ever met! You can't stand on your own without them and you probably won't be able to!and you'll resent me for it! Your parents hate me! Your friends are boring! We barely have anything in common and being together is jeopardizing our future as well as our education!! There's nowhere we're going with this! So let's just stop now!!' she pleads with me.

"I would never resent you!" I shout

"You say that now.." she whispers brokenly

I grab her hand and place it on my heart

"I would never resent you. You are more important to me than anything." I vow

"Your mother will go to the ends of the earth to see that that's not true." she softly whispers, taking her hand back

"What did my mother do?!" I demand. She can't keep bringing mother up like this without precedent!

"You wouldn't believe me." she decides in a soft whisper

"Mother might be a prude and a bit of a snob... but she's not evil." I assure her

"Find someone else to love Herve. For all our sakes." she sighs, turning her gaze away from me.

There is no one else.

In all seven galaxies there is no one else for me.

I stare at the shattered woman in my arms, receiving the chill of my life as though someone was injecting Helium into my blood

"You know you scare me when you do that." she sighs reaching for my face. I kiss her palm and look deep into the dark eyes I love so much. There was no stopping. I already love her. She already loves me. I lean into those delicious lips and settle into the bathtub properly. I can't let rose petals touch her where I haven't!

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