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   Chapter 34 The Love Madness

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 8902

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"You know, when you fight me, what your actually doing is rubbing your breasts against my chest. And you can feel it against your thigh Sadie, just how much I enjoy it." I announce, warning her of the erection she was causing


I laugh some more, closing the door. It's hilarious because it feels so good having her this close to me and the way she's tied to me by the seat belt means her breath is against my neck too.

'you hate me as much as you hate your stupid pride and you know it!!!' I hiss melding our bodies together intimately with all the rage in me 'let me go!!' she demands pointedly, her breath going awry as my hands push down from her arcing back to her beautiful behind 'you love me!!' I declare as she tenses her body, trying to win a battle we lost more than two months ago at our first kiss!!

"I hate you!" she swears leaning her head against my shoulder. It's impossible for her to fight the seat belt. It's also impossible for her to fight our love.

"Do you know you have the loveliest, and I mean it when I say loveliest, bahoochie I have ever seen. Just sitting there on your lower back as if Raphael drew the blueprint for it and said to God, 'This is what her butt should look like." I reveal feeling the weight of her wonderful arse in my palm

'I hate you!!' she reiterates with a little gasp as I grope her behind, her legs palpably taking the impact harder than she can care to hide

'you love me; and for some reason that scares you. So you refuse to admit it to yourself and to me, showing up with your little trophy boyfriend in there as though it will cover up the number of times I cross your mind or the number of situations you think of me when you're with him!! You think you can outfox your heart Sadie! Think again!' I haul her over the coals and watch her burn mercilessly, her fingers digging into the collar of my sweater as her strength slips past her to me

She turns her head away from me like a petulant child. I step on the peddle, wondering where we're going. I hadn't exactly thought it through you see. Fuck she smelled so good! She felt even better!

"Where the fuck are you taking me Herve!" she suddenly demands

"I'm glad you asked that Sadie. I really am." I decide laughing like a villain in some silver screen movie. "I'm taking you to a place where you can't hide from your feelings!" I announce.

The thing is that I don't know where that place is! And it seems from the corner I just took that we're heading towards the lake district!

"And where is that?!" she hisses at me

"It's a surprise" I laugh.

because you like to be in control all the time!" I declare

I'll be the first to admit that I too like to be in control all the time. But I'd never been in control around Sadie and I was high off the adrenalin

"You're not a fucking psycho-analyst!" she roars back

"You're not a fucking psycho-analyst!" she roars back

"You can't control love Sadie! It just happens! You just happened to me like I just happened to you!" I shout back

"Happen to someone else! Like Weasel or whatever her name was!" she shouts back

Weasel? Liesel?

"I told you she's like a sister to me!" I cry out

"Isn't incest like a national sport here? Isn't inbreeding like very in right now?!" she shouts back and I am just that much angrier that my speed increases

"Are you jealous Sadie?" I prod

"Fuck you!"

"This is great! We can live in the forest you and I! Like Adam and Eve!" I decide speeding up to catch her

"You've lost your goddamn motherfucking mind!" she declares angrily, trying to run faster through the woods

"We could have kids and no one will ever get between us!" I chuckle, cutting through the flowery undergrowth as I get closer to her

" Leave me alone!" she roars back

"I can't leave you alone! We've been through this already!" I remind her

"Yeah? Well your mother!!" she declares angrily

"Leave mother out of this!" I warn her

"Your mother is the devil's ugly toenail!!" she shrieks triumphantly

"SADIE!" I roar accelerating towards her. How dare she insult mother like that?

"Shit!" she cries suddenly coming to a stop.

It's a bit too late as I grab her by the waist and try to stop as well, but there's just too much physics happening all at once. I find that we just dived into the lake. Which lake? I have no idea

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