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   Chapter 31 The Mannequin Party

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 4662

Updated: 2018-01-24 18:18

I've been staring at the cheque she left me with wondering what amount I'd have to write on it to win her heart

I've been staring at the cheque she left me with wondering what amount I'd have to write on it to win her heart.

'She wills none of it.' Emery announces

'what do you suppose?!' I demand in a whisper

'her lips are waxed and I lack the heat to pry them open.' He explains softly

'Have you assured her my affections are factual?' I probe

'Indeed.' He vows.

I can't believe I have waited an entire week for this to happen! How incompetent can he be?? I restrain the urge to grab his coffee locks and stomp his head against the wall

'is her phone operational then??' I inquire

'it ought to be. It was ringing incessantly as we spoke.' He divulges.

That must have been the dim-witted Hèrvé McClure calling her for every second that she crossed his mind! She did not love me and I knew not why!!! The plain certainty stared me in my face; she did not love me and wills none of it!!! But why??


Hilliard announces opening the door to his apartment, about twenty lasses in nothing but their birthday suits turning to greet us. By Jove! This is truly something!

'Indulge in drink, dance and women as you please.'

He says clutching a tit in his hand as though he was a quality controller at an orchard

'London Stock Exchange come down!'


'Sadie you ought to be spanked!' I announce spanking her and groping her behind in my palm 'scream!' I demand raspily

'and I would like to see you Sadie, dry hump her as she gives me brain!' I order...

'Angelford?? Is that you under that blanket of naked women??'

Someone is yelling callously as I grunt and open my eyes, my nerves feeling like they have been under the blue flame of a candle all night long. The light elicits a growl from me as I shut my eyes again

'identify yourself.' I plead

'Chesterfield.' Koen bellows

'could we please not shout. I'm trying to salvage my head from explosion.' I say my throat feeling dry as rye bread

'you enjoyed yourself immensely I suppose.' He screeches

'Be gone with your yelling!'

I hiss at him and get back to sleep, unable to feel parts of my body and not minding it one bit. The numbness comforting for once from the constant ache of unrequited love...

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