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   Chapter 30 The Fire Brigardier

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I don't know how it happened! I don't know how it happened! The words run through my mind as I stare at the ceiling. You always think your ceiling is smooth and evenly toned until you tell a lass you love her and she ineptly finds a motive to scurry out of here like a mouse before a lion! That's when you grasp that some parts of the ceiling had bumps and other parts had thinner coats of paint and others looked like rice fields!

That's when you anticipate that it will fall on you and you don't have to face tomorrow knowing that you told her those nasty words and she ran out of here like her apartment was on fire! You could use a reason to pull out the selective amnesia card out right now!!How did it happen? Everything was going on track! Everything is going on track! And then there I was looking into those eyes and there were those words! And then the realization that they were an acknowledgment of something I had been ignoring;

I love her!

I love herjQuery21408731540826505875_1516803973996

I love her!!!

I shut my eyes and scoff in the dark of the lonely apartment, the moonlight streaming in through the loggia whose door she left wide open when racing off to pull a precious kitten down from a tree like the fire brigade was her middle name! I heave a sigh and smooth my face in my palms as though I was trying to mould it into the face of someone else; preferably someone who didn't fall in love with Sadie Weema the slave of God's grace! Or someone who did so and succeeded in making her fall in love with him as well, so that when he blurted the words he didn't even know he thought of in his soul she would smile and coo them right back, capitulating to copulation!!!

She made me love her

At the end of my rigorous massage however I can tell there is no difference and eventually when I bump into her she will recognize me, and with that, the flippant way I spewed out those words! And with that will come this sting in my eyes like I was dipped head first in salty water! I grunt and pry my thoughts from that by looking at the apartment, whispers of the moonlight allowing me vision of its opulence and grandeur. Of what worth was it to me if it couldn't grant me the simple pleasures of hearing her echo my sentiments?!!

Did I not see it in her eyes? Feel it in her kiss? In her movements? Her tone? When she cooked or agreed to do things that were evidently nuisances to her? Was I mad? Had it truly been a case of psychosis?? Ha

it's too late to backpedal now, his mother already has the angst. He is left only to the guilt of it all and it is whittling away at his soul.' Leigh melodramatically explains

'Claptrap! Angelford has been the mastermind of a thousand ploys; he has never gotten caught and never shown any signs of scruples while he was at it! Why he helped all of us lose our virginity if you recall!' Hilliard reads out my credits.

I smile. I'm not guilty; I'm suffering from a Shakespearean fever that stems from unrequited love!!!

'I ought to retire.' I state standing up

'I as well.' Emery says following me out of the apartment

'feeling a bit down are we?' he says

'What do you know?!' I crossly demand pinning him to the wall

'You have fondness for her. It's all I can tell!' he grunts in a sharp whisper

'who have you told?!' I haughtily inquire

'Nought but you!' he swears as I feel something choking me, my strength seeping out

'and you know nothing of why she chooses to be this way towards me??'

I shakily pry, probing his grey eyes in case he feels somewhat touched by my plight and forsakes her confidence in him

'Nothing.' He vows as I release his collar

'could you attempt to find out for me??' I request solemnly, my throat sore and my eyes aching as though I had been staring at a light too long

'I will endeavour to do so.'

He promises me with his hand cupping my shoulder in solidarity. I take in a deep breath and advance towards my apartment. Per chance she is there waiting for me with legs wide open, heart in palm!!

Per chance she is there waiting for me with legs wide open, heart in palm!!

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