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   Chapter 29 Duties of the duchy

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 5554

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'We should talk in your study.' He says

'sure.' I say leading him to it.

It's two rooms down from the Kitchen so I peek at Sadie getting the dishes into the washer as we pass bye. Father can probably tell what we were doing in there from the swollen state of my lips and their wetness. I smile and open the door for him. He steps in and patrols it as though he was the police

'she's great isn't she?' I state excitedly

'she is something.' He admits looking at the dollar sign on my wall

'what is this?' he probes

'my Cd collection.' I reveal smiling at the memory of the look on Hughes' face when I told him to fix it here.

He frowns at the green dollar that I fed my hip hop Cds to. He turns to me with the frown

'we can't allow you to continue like this.' He announces

'like what?' I pry

'like an unkempt libertine with no manners or brains!' he hisses pointing at my hair

'I like it flying around like this.' I assure him

'it's incorrect Herve! You are twenty four! You need to get done with this phase already!' he declares

'what phase?' I investigate tetchily

'if it was Sadie who was adapting to another culture and discarding her duties it would be expected! She has no roots! She doesn't know where she's from! Such people can go soul searching! But you! My son! The next duke of Angelford! You who knows your history from a thousand years back! I simply cannot comprehend why you are in this position! I demand that you desist and revert back to us! Your family!' he hisses in haughty whispers

'My duties?' I probe crossly as mother walks in

'she took it!' she announces as I glare at her

'she took what?!'

up like soul mates as my fingers dig into her waist and her back arcs for me. Our tongues tease and taunt each other like a game of Marco polo that was inundating to the senses to say the least. My loins are about to jump out of my crotch and attack her with the animal-like urges I was trying to understand as my hands frantically travel between her behind and her thighs and her breasts then into her hair, not sure which to adore first and which to save for later.

With a moan like sunshine, her legs swing off the ground and round my waist

'this is the part where I disappear before I have to see Herve naked.' Anatole says behind us.

Sadie pulls back and turns to him with a smile

'is your list done?' she pries

'add one more thing; I want you as my wife.' He says with a bow. She smiles

'I'm not sure you can buy me sweetie.' She says tenderly

'I can always try. G'bye brother.' He says to me with a playful salute

'Bye Bro. I'll see you around.' I vow with a salute.

'That was a success.' She lightly says studying my face with a smile

'I love you.' I gravely realize...

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