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   Chapter 28 Avid Misconceptions

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 9900

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'Who's the crazy lady?' she whispers

'promise me you won't freak out.' I plead

'oh shit!' she curses figuring it out for herself. I smile and caress her cheek

'I'm not meeting your family!' she states

'you have no pick; they are kinda gawking at you as we natter.' I smugly assure her. She takes in a deep breath

'you'll be perfect.' I assure her tasting the lightning of her lips briefly.

'Everyone, this is Sadie.' I say with a bright smile, my hand still round her waist

'hi.' She says with a little wave at the astonished trio, Anatole smiling up at me and nodding his head discretely behind father, mother recovering from her hysteria it seems.

'Hi.' Father says like he was Martian and unsure of what to do in this situation

'isn't that cute; you look like your dad!' she chuckles nervously. I smile

'with my mom's eyes and lips.' I reveal pouting my lips at her playfully

'you have fine lips Mrs. Angelford.' She says winking at mom as she caresses my cheek

'and wonderful eyes. Did you know they're the colour of blue tanzanite?' she asks exposing the ring on her finger as mother makes to faint again

'I'm Anatole.' Anatole says charmingly stretching his hand to her with a sly devilish smile. She chuckles

'and you're handsome!' she coos winking at him as he kisses the back of her hand

'we were just heading back to my place. Where were you going?' I probe innocently

'out to see you. We have rooms here.' Anatole reveals

'you really should have called. Sadie and I had plans.' I sigh

'did you?' Anatole asks Sadie charmingly

'it's okay if you want to hang out with your family. I could always find someone else.' She says to me

'gobbledygook, I intend on taking care of you as I promised.' I dismiss the notion

'Anatole!' father snaps at him.

'So are you joining us?' I inquire staring at mother who is now a statue

'we are. We'd like to get to know Sadie.' Father says holding on to mother as though the words were scratching at his throat


'Did I do something?' Sadie pries in my arms.

We're seated in the back of the bullet with Anatole watching us excitedly

'you stole my heart like Toni Braxton in Spanish guitar.' He announces.

'I'm not dressed for this!' she realizes looking at the swimsuit she pulled a skirt over because I told her we were going to the pool

'you look great.' I assure her with a kiss to her forehead. I have never thought a khaki tutu and a swim suit could look that good together!

'Why do I end up in these situations!' she cries out laying her head against the headrest in resignation.

I turn around. The Aston was definitely following us. I turn to her; she couldn't flip out on me right now!

'Anatole shut your eyes.' I instruct turning to her and kissing her chin. She gasps and turns a shocked gaze to me

'I like you too much to lose at this point.' I warn her s

ar she will show him if we have the time to go back to her place.

'Since when do you do that?' mother wonders in a whisper as I take her plate and pile it onto father's plate. I smile

'she's wounded and I love her.' I whisper back before I head out to the kitchen to deposit the plates and come back for the casserole dishes.

I study my two bereaved parents and smile at the cause of it all, chatting magnificently with Anatole like she wasn't in a swimsuit and a khaki tutu. She was spectacular!! I grab the casserole dishes these swots cleared everything! They might not like her but they sure ate her food like they didn't suspect she was poisoning them!! I place them in the sink and turn around to find her standing there at the kitchen door with a tired sigh.

I smile and walk to her

'they esteem you.' I whisper tilting her face up to me

'either you're blind or I am stupid.' She replies with a little smile

'well I can adore you on their behalf.' I promise her, penguin walking her into the kitchen and shutting the door behind her. She smiles

'that sounds good.' She decides with a brighter smile as I pin her to the door

'and maybe this time I can get some breast and tell Anatole about it.' I add lightly as her eyes grow heavy

'shut up and kiss Me.'

She pleads as I acquaint our lips gently and then a tad more pressingly as lightning and chills attack my spine, my hands leading to the hillocks of paradise outlined perfectly by the swimsuit. She grunts softly as my tongue seers into the heat of her mouth with the tangy taste of grilled calf blazing the textures of her as her hands land on my behind and grope at it past my shorts desperately, our crotches meeting deliciously as we promise each other things she isn't ready for and I am dying to do!!!

'HERVE!' father calls out. I grunt and slowly step away from her

'I should go kick them out.' I whisper lightly

'I wouldn't mind.' She assures me with a little smile

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