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   Chapter 27 Private Circus at the Plaza

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 10026

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'Oh! Herve! Oh! Stick it in mate! Stick it in deep!' Koen wakes me up as Hilliard jabs my rib.

I grunt and open my eyes; my posse standing in my room, the light streaming in like it wasn't night any longer. I turn for Sadie but the bed is as empty as to suggest I was dreaming when we slid under the sheets and had the most poignant conversations of my life.

'Your prostitute left you a note.' Hilliard says as Emery flips something open

'you were still asleep and I had to dash out; didn't want to wake you. You look cute when you sleep by the way. Had a great time last night. See you later. Kisses, Sadie.' He reads it out and smiles at the end before he hands it to me

'Heard that people? She had a great time last night!' Hilliard announces doing the jig with his haunches again. I grunt at them and look through the note again; my little sharp tongue of universal wisdom!

'Angelford.' Emery says in the changing rooms as we get ready for some horse racing.

I turn to him as he looks over his shoulder to make sure that no one is there

'what's in course Knipschild?' I wonder

'Sadie.' He whispers discretely. I fight a smile

'what about her?' I inquire. He looks over his shoulder again

'stop seeing her.' He articulates in a clear whisper

'I can't do that.' I reveal

'you don't understand; she's the wrong person to do this to.' He murmurs

'I can't stop seeing her Knipschild.' I reiterate standing up

'She doesn't deserve to be hurt like this. She's a virgin for heaven's sake! She was before last night anyway! Be a gent Angelford, don't scar her for life!' he says in a stern soft voice. I smile and pat him in the back

'She won't be scarred. Fret not.' I assure him

'vow on your crest and the dukes who have died before you!' he demands

'I vow.' I swear wondering when he grew a tendre for my Sadie and how he knew she was a virgin...

'Lady!' I shout at her as she walks out of the faculty hall. She looks back and then gasps in shock. I smile down at her

'Herve! Whose horse is that??' she cries out in disbelief

'this is Rothschild; he's mine.' I explain with a shrug. She chuckles

'did you think I bushwhacked a forest ranger?' I probe lightly as she laughs some more. She looks adorable in denim dungaree shorts and a blouse

'come on.' I say stretching my hand out for her

'I have files.' She says shyly

'you can give them to Hughes.' I say pointing at the bullet where he is standing. She sighs and stretches her files to him. He walks over and takes them silently

'now come on or are you worried I'll ruffle your suave swipe back?' I teasingly quote her as she convinced me to get on her bike.

She smiles and reaches for my hand, mounting Rothschild swiftly

'and you didn't gel your hair today.' She notes pleasantly as her hands encircle my waist

'I felt like a change.' I decide lightly, setting Rothschild on a trot

'you don't just go horseback riding in the city .' She brightly says

'well it's a g

can make that finger look better.' I say as an idea sneaks into my mind

'what? You don't like my Bugz bunny band aids?' she pries as I lead her in

'I think you could use a tad more carats.' I announce taking her to the ring display

'you want us to steal a ring?' she whispers shocked

'I want to buy my girlfriend a ring. I was hoping you'd help me pick one out for her.' I explain with a smile

'you want to buy your girlfriend a ring?' she repeats looking at me in question

'There's this girl I really really really really like and I sort of want to ask her to be my girlfriend. I thought maybe if I bought her a ring to cover this really silly band aids she's been putting round her finger that I hurt, she would say yes.' I elucidate. She smiles

'you don't have to.' She says

'I want to.' I assure her with a smile

'something with tanzanite the colour of your eyes.' She impulsively decides. I turn to the assistant

'what do you have with tanzanite the colour of my eyes?'

I demand as he walks behind the counter and shifts a few things around before he unearths a tiny casket full of jewels unbelievably akin to the colour of my eyes! What do you know! Sadie isn't colour blind!!

'I like this one.' I point at a trap cut ring. Her eyes widen

'isn't that too big?' she wonders at the assistant

'it should go magnificent with your finger shape.' He assures her primly. I hand my master card to him and take the ring before I get down on one knee

'Sadie will you be my girlfriend?' I propose. She blushes and runs her teeth through her lower lip

'Yes.' She announces beautifully with a bright smile

'and you think Rothschild isn't romantic.' I tease her

'HERVE!!' a familiar voice shrieks as the shop's glass door complains. I turn around to mother gripping at the door for sweet support, father standing there in shock as Anatole eyes Sadie; guess who's in town this weekend! I get up and fit the ring into Sadie's finger and then kiss her softly

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