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   Chapter 26 Tongues and Blades

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'Sadie!!' I call out rushing after the girl walking away from the apartments.

She stops and turns around

'Look, it's really late. Maybe we should do dinner some other time.' She resignedly says.

She must have been waiting long

'I need you tonight.' I reveal with a heavy sigh.

I did not drive like an insane chap and use my title to keep me out of confinement just to skip dinner with her! She sighs and looks up into my eyes

'I have an early class.' She reminds me as I take her into my arms

'please.' I whisper. She shuts her eyes and takes in a deep breath, which I seek with my lips on hers.

She grunts, her tense body loosening around me as I stroke her arms and angle my head to delve deeper into the chilling fires of her textures more desperately. I'd almost forgotten what her kiss was like! I almost feel like I have to relearn the essence of her mouth and its fine textures. I groan and dig my hands into her hair, needing to tilt her face higher and dive in deeper. It's the most devastating thing in my soul to kiss her, to desire for more even when I am eating! To thirst even more when I'm drinking from the wonderful well of her mouth!

She succumbs so beautifully I'm lost for else as my haunches start swinging terrifyingly towards her, the chills of my spine and heat of my hunkers working against me in my swollen state of affairs. We simultaneously pull away from each other, her stepping back as from pressure release, and our breaths erratic as peace and poise is sought twixt us.

'dinner.' She breathlessly says

'dinner.' I comply as though it wasn't almost midnight and I had no meal ready for us!!

'So how did it go?' She pries in the lift, smiling up at me as I hold her hand and lock our intertwined fingers

'Anatole was wonderful about it. He loves you.' I report

'I mean how the weekend with the family was.' She explains

'I am telling you how it was.' I reveal

'but the first thing you said was about me.' She points out

'maybe it was all about you.' I shrug lightly.

She smiles 'your parents wanted to see you about me?' she investigates

'that was most of it.' I divulge looking into her eyes

'am I in trouble?' she teasingly inquires

'apparently you stole some horses from forest rangers.' I disclose. She chuckles

'did I forget to tell you that part?' she speculates wonderfully

'you did; but father put me right on track.' I assure her, caressing the smooth cheek with my free palm as the lift opens into my apartment...

'How are we supposed to have dinner with no food?' she wonders staring at the immaculate kitchen I'm not accustomed to at all.

'We could order in.' I suggest

'at eleven fifty eight? Where do you know that's open now?' she investigates turning to me.

'I'll find us something to eat.' I announce stepping into the kitchen purposefully

'can you cook?' she pries

'not if I like you.' I swear as she chuckles and follows me in

'I'll start with the higher drawers and you could start wherever you wish.' I delegate. She smiles and shakes her head

'spoilt brats.' She sighs and starts opening drawers as I spot cutlery and more cutlery.

'Cereal!' I announce triumphantly

'I found your food store.' She says opening a door

'the pantry!' I rejoice rushing to it. That explains why I don't have a fridge! It's in here!

'Why do you need all this food?' she wonders looking around

'I'm always entertaining Hilliard, Emery, Koen and Leigh every Friday for poker and drinks after dinner.' I reveal shocked that we need this much food as well

'here we are, noodles.' She says picking them out on tip toe 'what with?' I wonder walking to the canned meats 'any fish?' she wonders taking out fish spice. I go through them and remove two cans of tuna. 'And for desert ladies and gentlemen!' she says removing strawberry gelatin powder. I didn't even know gelatin came in powder!!

'Just stand there and look like you know what you're doing.' She chuckles as I steal some more of the delicious gelatin powder and lick it

'they should sell this as candy.' I decide

'they do.' She reveals mixing it with the water in the bowl expertly.

'So the more you stir it the more it solidifies?' I wonder

'no. I'm going to stick it in the freezer so it can solidify.' She explains

'good; because that would be against the laws of kinetics.' I point out as she pours it into two little heart shaped bowls I picked out and pretended was all we had. 'Don't touch anything.' She warns me as she walks back to the pantry. I grab the tin of gelatin powder and shake it into my mouth; she w

ong?' she whispers 'I don't know; I feel bare.' I reveal shivering. She sighs and takes my bowl, placing it on the floor before she stretches out besides me and then looks up at the stars

'do you believe in heaven?' she suddenly asks me 'heaven?' I wonder gruffly 'bliss, paradise, ecstasy, rapture, cloud nine, dreamland every religion on earth has the same notion of it, this great place with supreme happiness and peace.' She explains 'I suppose I believe.' I shrug 'what if I told you we came from there?' she whispers 'I'd say you were discrediting Darwin.' I lightly reply 'what if I said that Darwin was my reason for saying that?' she probes 'I'd want to heed what you have to say.' I admit

'There's a place up there somewhere; we like to call it heaven but its real name is home, and we are all really home sick.' She whispers 'we are?' I wonder 'Yeah, the fucked up part is we don't know how we got here, we just know it's not home. Some people say eve gave Adam an apple and we got screwed, other people say a meteorite brought us here, other people think Moses took the wrong turn in the desert, all we know is that we're not home.' She says 'how do we get home?' I wonder 'some people say nirvana, others say death but no one really knows for sure. The important part is this, we're not home, so what do we do about it?' she pries

'feel empty and numb.' I realize in astonishment 'exactly, so we seek to fill this numbness with goals and aspirations and dreams, we look for a reason to see tomorrow, we hope that whatever we put our minds into can win us the way back home. We reach for the sky and when we get there we want the moon and when we get there we want the planets and when we get there we want the sun, eventually we'll want something else. We aspire, and our aspirations keep us going. We're trying to earn our way home.' She reveals

'And I've been told all my life that I have no need to aspire.' I realize 'exactly, so all you can do is look out the window of life feeling empty and home sick.' She concludes for me 'I have to aspire!' I announce having my very own eureka moment, the stars looking down at me as if to comply 'that's it.' She urges me 'I'm going to aspire!' I decide, feeling the numb retrieve. I'm going to aspire! Because I'm a heavenly being who needs to get back home! That's what I need to do!

I turn to her 'how long have you known this?' I demand as she smiles

'that's a long story.' She shrugs.

I grunt and take her lips into mine; melding them in a symphony of hope running through my veins

'you're wonderful.' I whisper to her, kissing her forehead

'and I'm going to have to get home now.' She adds.

'I'll drop you.' I offer

'don't. I can't lose another finger.' She lightly says

'then stay here with me tonight.' I offer

'I'm not about to have sex with you.' She points out

'you don't have to. Let's just stay up and talk about all these wonderful things you know that I don't.' I implore her frantically.

She smiles

'I'm cold.' she points out

'we don't have to stay out here...

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